32 hole rim - which one should I go for?

I have ordered 2 32h hobs from M4O and I would like to build a 19" wheel as well as a 26" Muni wheel.
What recommendation could you give regarding the choice of the rim and spokes?

these are meant to be the best 19" spokes you can get, and they arent too expensive :smiley: link
and there are a great choice of 32h trials rims here

on Tartybikes: The Atomz/UN Elitis rim.

thanks for the answers - I was actually hoping for a more colorful rim :slight_smile: - but I guess black is the new red. The M4O 32h hubs will make their way to me in two weeks and I will keep you posted on the progress.

I have contacted TartyBikes and asked them what rim they would recommend.
This was my mail to them:

and this their reply:

Sponge - I would love to hear you opinion, especially since they didn’t list the only one you recommended :slight_smile:


I have the Onza Pro Diamond on my trials and I think the single wall definitely improves bounce. It is also extremely light in comparison to my old double wall one.
They might be slightly weaker, but unless you are a VERY heavy rider I don’t think that will make much difference. Im a bit of a basher and I have been riding mine for about 6 months, its still fine.

That Atomz rim looks almost identical except its eyeletted.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Raffi, where can i get the M40 hubs? could you please post a pic?

Anyone else is using 32 holes hubs and which ones?


In response to your PM:

Personally, I dislike the rear Echo TR rims for the simple fact that they aren’t as wide as other modern 19" rims.

The Trialtech is fine, a decent model. Bit bland maybe? But reliable.

I say the Atomz/UN Elitis rim because it’s the original diamond rim. Onza borrowed the idea from them. Well, the fact that is has eyelets is a bonus as it’s easier to get higher spoke tension and maintain a ‘stronger’ build. Though with trials rims it’s probably only a short term benefit as trials rims are actually just like disposable cameras. They’ll eventually just get battered to death before the true full benefits of eyelets kick in.

That being said, I’d still go for that UN Elitis rim over the others. I wouldn’t even consider any rim that is under the ‘widest’ (48mm). Trialtech SL is overpriced for what it is, IMO… even though it is nice. Try-All hOle, Bonz, Rockman etc… are too narrow these days and noticeably make the uni balance/hop worse.

Mad4one is a relative new company - they are currently manufacturing hubs and cracks only - very good components by the look of them (I haven’t had the chance to see/ride them yet). They will be releasing a 32 hub in about a week.

A picture of the hub can be seen here: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1417556

They have already released a 36 holes hub which costs 149Euros. The 32h hub will cost the same.

I will take your advice sponge. I weigh 80 Kilos and the amount of extreme trial stuff I do is low. At my age (going on 38, start riding trial last year) I mainly want the unicycle to loose weight to enable me to jump a little higher…

BTW - if there is anyone else out there who want to have a wheel built with a 32h M4O hub and the same rim I would gladly help out :slight_smile:


I would also like a 32 hole wheelset :slight_smile:

I think Mad4One and DOB Magnesium Rear 19" would be a good match :slight_smile:
link: http://www.tartybikes.co.uk/19_inch_rims/dob_magnesium_rear_19_inch/c517p11278.html

Light weight double walled 32 hole rim :slight_smile:

The mad4one hub is a great hub! Its light and its strong!

I like my mad4one hub because i can save weight and still use a strong rim and have a light unicycle. Im using it on my 24inch that i ride street and Muni with and i still have not had any problems.


I saw two of this rims breaking just from high and long jump in flat. I dont think that they will last for more then just riding around (Joe Hodges and Marco “Smily” both used them at unicon 08).

Personaly I am realy skeptical about 32hole rims. I dont think that they are strong enough for extreme unicycling. But I dont have practical experience just saw the dob and the try all 32h rim breaking realy fast.