32 hole hubs - why not?

It makes finding rims hard. Almost all bike trials rims are 32 hole.
Why make hubs 36 holed? Does the 4 extra really make any difference?

I’ll have some done in the fall. Want to try a prototype in september? I need a couple people to put 'em through hell. I don’t know if you can keep it though :frowning:

maybe more spokes, stronger rim? thats what i assume

I was just thinking the same thing. It would be good if there was unicycle hubs 32 holed especially the geared hubs so you could put it on a really lightweight rim like a narrow 700c one. I don’t think there is any point of getting a 29" when you could get a lighter 28" (except the puncture protection helps).

Yes, it is a good question. Less spokes weight less also, and not everyone needs a super strong rim. Anyways, maybe in time.

More space for you toes to get stuck in…?

Some of the 32 holed trials rims do look quite pretty.

It pisses me off that there is a wealth of beautiful mod rims out there that only comes in 32 holes.

Take a look at these:

They are said to be very sturdy by many hard bike trials riders. They have thick walls that can take a beating.
I really like the offset spoke holes and the weight (345g), but can’t lace it to any unicycle hub (32H only).

I’d give it a go!

Marketing ?

Every product has it’s history in the market. Unicycles are a tiny niche. I will hazard a guess that because uni and bike hubs must be different, our spokes are different.

I am just guessing really, but having a different number may have helped prevent errors in parts interchangeability. Uni hubs get this pack of spokes, bikes another.

Psh I miss the 48!

Many 32 hole mod rims available here in NZ too, but only two 36 hole mod rims that I know of. Seems a bit silly.

I want to try on to :slight_smile:
But I geuss shipping will be a pain in the ass.

Peter M

Its possible to lace a 36 hole hub into a 32 hole rim :wink: This rim will be on my new uni.

Not to take the wind out of your sails if you’re an equipment weenie, but I’d rather have a ton of hubs to choose from that all have the same number of holes, rather than having to make sure my hub will match up to my rim. :slight_smile:

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’ll reminisce to the fact that the old, hard-to-kill Schwinns never had anything but 28 spokes. They did all right, though there was no such thing as Trials back then. So maybe 32 would be all right.

But given the choice, I’ll stick with indestructible over light any day. But I’m not everybody.

my thoughts exactly, I like having 2 choices.

Just as SmilyMarco said, isn’t it possible to just lace it and have 4 extra holes…?

Or is there some law of physics that forbids that :thinking:

the law of astetics mabey?

I do big sets and drops all the time, and that really warps my KH 07 rim, so id be glad to test your equipment for you and see how it holds up.

EDIT: Do you have both rim and hub being made? I remember you talking about some stuff a while ago, but I dont remember the details of it.

No, I’m going to be using a DOB magnesium rim on mine, rims are too hard to make for me, as I have no way of extruding them. If I could I’d be all over it though! I think the DOB rims are the lightest of all mod rims, yet they are still hella strong.

Also, Peter, I’m only gonna make a couple proto’s, and I think the second one I’m gonna give to sponge so thet maybe Joe will help destroy it.

If you do a third one, let me know. :wink:

I’ll make production ones Jerrick. They don’t cost me much, but I haven’t thought of pricing yet. I might do a run of about twenty if I go with CNCing them.