30m wheel walk

I pulled off my first 30m (100ft) wheel walk today. It cost me the skin off my left elbow but, what the hey, that’s why we’re bilaterally symmetric … so we have spares. I still want to go too fast and still keep looking too close to the wheel instead of far ahead but one thing is always positive about learning to wheel walk: your weight is never on the pedals. I’ve gotten to the point where I frequently have enough control to slow down.

I have 10 days until I turn 50 so I’m afraid my 5-B-4-50 slogan will have to be altered slightly. I haven’t tried seat out side in a circle and I haven’t transitioned from wheel walk back to the pedals. I have transitioned from wheel walk to lying in the street several times, though.

There are lots of cars going by on my street who don’t seem to know they’re on a unicycle training surface. I have a bunch of people in the neighborhood who say, “wow, that’s great” and then go inside and say, “geez, what an idiot.” I think one of them is my wife who watched the elbow filleting fall.

how can you go 30m without putting your feet back on?i can go 10m but the wheel always slows down enough and the chance that one of my pedals is down in the perfect spot for a transfer so i go for it.50%of the time i get it.

its weird that i can get back to the pedals inside of 10m,but you can go 30m and cant(i cant go that far).

one thing is true though.just like Tammy & Tanya say in the 1ftWwalk section:getting back to the pedals from one foot Wwalking is easier.

have you tried that?put your foot on the tire like a normal Wwalk,but then put your second foot on the crown.then “feel the power” and scoot that tire around.

to me its ironic that a one foot Wwalk is easier than two. :slight_smile:

You’ve done the hard part- getting back to the pedals ain’t so bad: just jam your top foot against the frame as it grabs tyre, and do something quick and accurate with the front foot as it transitions… (of coarse, this is probably bad advice, since I’v only managed about 3 meters… :)).

10 HOLE days… YOU CAN DO IT. I’m sure your wife will most likely still love you, no mater how much skin you loose. If it is a big concern, you can go back and look for the skin later- it is usualy real close to where you hit the ground.

Think what an inspiration you will be to us other old people. Take one for the team and give up Starsky and Hutch for a week; the alternative is unthinkable (5B4-51 has too many sylables, anyway.)


I do wish you the best in making it. But I also have my goal of 5-B-4-Harper to achieve. Which has slightly been put on hold.

I heard this new joke the other day…

What goes toe-heel-toe-heel-splat?

C’mon Greg. You can do this. Forsake all else in life for the next 14400 minutes and grab that Level 5 by the horns.

So says me who sits at Level 3 and can’t get my big feet up on the tire to even think about wheel walking.