30km coker ride

Just got in from a ride on the ol coker. Felt great to go for the first long ride in the last few weeks, beat the rain too. I started off with 20kms on my computer and came home with 50.45. Wish I had been riding with the comp on it from when I first got the coker, feels good to actually know how far I ride each time. Wasn’t expecting to go for a long ride, but it was calling me. Alot of long hills and a few which were quite steep.
I UPD’d once while coming down one of the hills and a car didn’t give me enough room to keep riding . Thought I would go onto the gravel part of the highway but was too sandy to ride on. Ended up riding about 10kms on the gravel part of the highway
( 80km/h highway ) which really worked the legs.
Did notice a bit of discomfort with the miyata seat tonight, but nothing unbearable. Had decided to try it out since I used to only ride with it, but now having the KH aswell I can actually leave my saddles where they are. The camelbak was a great help on the ride, holding a wrench, camera, phone, wallet , granola bar, and ofcourse some fresh water. Just need to find a comfy helmet and some lights.
Ended up being a great ride, just can’t wait to find someone to ride with.

that’s great! Call me when you think you’re coming here next, there is another Coker, and now a guy with 29"/102’s, we’ll have our club’s first official ‘Big Wheel Ride’