300mm x 22.2mm, Miyata Seatpost...

I’d pay $20 (shipped) for a 300mm x 22.2mm Miyata seatpost. Thanks! --carl (Grand Forks, ND)

It’s going to cost about $12.00 to ship that to you by USPS, so you are hoping to pay someone $8.00 for the hardest seatpost in unicycle history to find…??

I have a Miyata seatpost base that I cut the post off of a while ago to have a Torker post welded too, but never did. I could let that go for $8.00 and you could have a 22.2mm post welded to it there???

Other than that, I think you’ll be hard pressed to find someone to let a Miyata post go for that little. Pm me if your interested in the base.

Beener-- Thanks for expressing an interest. I’ll probably just purchase a new chromed 22.2mm x 300-400mm Miyata/Torker-type post from somewhere if I can’t rummage-up a used one on this forum. One always hopes to find a bargain, but for this item the opportunity to save a few dollars is not that big of a deal for me. I reckon that I’ll attach the seatpost to a rather spiffy Miyata Deluxe, a chromed indoor unicycle, and so I’m hoping for a more aesthetic (and less cumbersome) solution than the welding shop option. Thanks! --carl