$300 USD trial uni?

what would be a good trial uni for me? i can just afford and uni around the $300 USD mark. i won’t be doing extreme stuff, maybe 2 foot drops. please keep in mind i’m from australia so it’s kinda hard getting uni’s.


P.S today i bought some Kingpin Etnies, they have the best grip and are so comfy for uniing :smiley: you should get some, they are cheap too :smiley:

get the qu-ax


the qu-ax is a good choice.


This may be obvious, but make sure you get splined.


here even more to back up the qu ax…



Take a look on www.unicycle.co.nz - they have a whole line of unis specially for Australian customers, including the KH and Onza trials unis.

Also try www.unicycles.com.au - talk to Gary about making a cheaper custom uni, thats what I did and I love it.

Yeah, the QU-AX

I bought the 2005 QUAX trial uni right after it came out. One of my friends bought one right before Christmas (and got the much heavier '04 model with an old KH saddle). Anyways, my point is that my QUAX is perfect!