30" sidehop (or vertical jump for some of you weirdos)

I know this may not be special to some people but…IT IS TO ME!!
so here is my first sucessfull landing of a 30" sidehop

the link

dude, what do they have in their trunk so big that they can’t close the door?

EDIT oh yeah, and that sidehop was quite impressive. nice job!

a small sail boat

All you guys realize that this guy is a spoof.

James_Potter not James_Poter + bet you can’t stick it. not bet you want lick it.

Nice jump…

looks like we got a detective in the house:p

It looks like we are dealing with a smart feller here…

Ps. are you all the one same guy?

this is not a thread to find out who is who

woa nice! i wish i could do that. i can only sidhop like 20" max. :astonished:

No, James_Poter is my evil twin. whom I have never met and have no idea as to his identity. but to tell us apart

I have two t’s, he has one
Betcha Can’t Stick It, not Betcha Can’t Lick It
I live in the skinny part of Idaho, he lives in the fat part of Idaho

Brock, nice hop! You used a teeny prehop, too. WIth as little tuck as you were using and the size of that prehop, I say you’ll be around 34" quite soon, or at least 30" no prehop. After seeing this I went upstairs to my room to lace up my trials wheel again. Just fill the splines with locktite and get riding. I’m soo desperate to join those who are improving… I think if I had a trials uni for the last 3 months I might be breaking 34" (at the rate you seem to be going you should have it quite soon), but instead I’m still doing 30 with a muni (that has a acquired a loose keyway).

How many times did you land it?

nice man.


It’s funny how that girl on her pink bike at the end of the road is paying absolutely no attention. :smiley: Is that your sister or something?



no she is this creepy girl that followed me and my buddy everywhere we whent. So when we got back to my house she stood there and watched. I had landed it several times I just liked the look of that one so that probably why she wasnt payin attention. She could have also been amazed at the freekin huge contraption in the back of the van that drives by

I understand what you mean.
I just succeded the same sidehop next week-end during our first official regional uni cup… and I felt very happy:D
I tried to clear a 32’’ sidehop several times but although I came close to it, I gave up after 3 official tries and let’s say 5 unofficial tries.
due to metric system I didn’t try 31’’ (next “step” was 5cm higher)
correct me if I’m wrong but for us frenchies, 30’’ mean 75cm, is that right?

You’re quick as a cat in the air. Very nice work.

What’s instructive about watching this is to notice that once he straightens up just before lift off, his head is at a certain altitude, and that at the top of his jump, before he tucks, his head has only gained about 12 or 14 inches of heigth (since lift off). Speed, timeing and the dynamics of the tuck – not pure jumping skill – is what gains the heigth.

Seat in hopping requires more pure, explosive leg strangth, whereas seat out requires more skill and technique. I used to be able to dunk a basketball with ease, but could never get past a 20 inch seat in hop till I started working on the tuck.

And Gerberfranklin, that’s pretty impressive that you’re sticking a 30 inch hop on a 24" Muni. You hardly ever see folks going seat out on the big tanks (Munis).


Thats nice man, I can only hop 25in (without a trials tire) Nice technique you got the movement down!

i landed a 23 the other day. that’s 4 of those blue pallets for those keeping score at home. once i get more solid at that, on to 5. oh and this is one a muni. once i get a trials it’ll be sweet.

I got a whole bunch of those blue pallets in my backyard want some lol

I’m not sticking it, alas. More like 1 in 5 or on a good day 1 in 2 or 2 in 3. But no prehop I have pretty good consistency up to about 28-29" on my muni. I just rarely prehop, so I’m generally better without them.

There’s a reason why people rarely go seat out on munis. I’ve heard this from Ben a while back (cmw 03) and I’ve felt the same thing: It strains your back to do prolonged trials on a muni. At the end of a long trials ride the muscles in my back just feel out of wack. But the advantage is now trials uni’s feel extremely light. I rode one recently for a few minutes, and the only decent hop i tried, a 22-24" sidehop, i completely overshot (still landed it), despite the high tire pressure and high seat. If anyone wants to build hoppin gpower, using a muni for trials will help.