30 miles and I can still walk!

And more importantly, sit down.

Here’s the story:

In my quest to increase my mileage on my N36 I made a plan. I was going to ride 30 miles (7 miles further than my previous longest ride) yesterday. I almost didn’t manage to do it as my husband threatened to make an appointment with the electricians to come round in the morning to fix our lights, but I had a strop and managed to get him to put them off until this morning.

So yesterday was glorious - sunny (but not too hot) and little wind. My plan was to ride 30 miles along a nearly local bike path. I used my new camel bak L.U.X.E, which was great - fitted my stuff in really well and fit nicely.

The bike path was lovely - half of the ride was along the side of a river and the other half was through the countryside.

Nobody asked my where my other wheel was, although people were curious and rode along beside me chatting now and again. One (slightly sadistic guy I thought) rode along for a couple of miles because he wanted to see how I was going to manage the steep hill/bridge that we were coming to. I thought that I would flunk it because it was my 27th mile, but I didn’t. The guy was very impressed because he couldn’t make the hill - either up or down on his fixie.

It took me four and a quarter hours.
Moving average speed was 8.5 mph (but that included ‘crotch’ walking and getting through numerous barriers to stop cars getting on the path). The guys that rode beside me said I was consistently riding at 10mph.
I did exactly 30 miles.

And I wasn’t crippled when I got home. I did a mixture of pressing on the kH handle to get my weight off the saddle, sanding on my pedals for 30 secs every 2 songs (I don’t have a beepy type watch that I can set for every 5 mins) and the occassional crotch break (although I only had to stop four or five times on purpose to rest because I had to get off so often for the gates).

Anyway, it was a great ride. I’m very pleased and plan to do it again as soon as I have time.

IMG_1562 (Small).JPG

IMG_1564 (Small).JPG

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IMG_1570 (Small).JPG

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Well done Cathy, That bike path looks like a lovely way to clock up the mileage. I’m loving your purple pedal protectors as well.

Well done Cathy. I’m proud of ya!

Now I’m just looking forward to your ride report when you do a 40 miler :slight_smile:

By the way, I thought you had a T7 on your N36. That increases the comfort a hell of a lot.


Nice one Cathy! It’s a good feeling to set out for a new personal record and succeed. Most people would be impressed by a fourty mile ride on a bike! Shame about the anti-car barriers getting in your way, though I guess they also make for handy saddle-breaks :slight_smile:


Well, thank you all. :smiley:

I do usually have a T7 but it went back to Roger for re-insertion of screw-in-things for the bottle brackets. Actually it came back that morning but I decided it would take too long to put it back on and I was going to just go for it without the handle. Just one more reason I’m pleased with myself - I did it sans the T7. :slight_smile:

Nice one Cathy.
The countryside looks idyllic.

Cathy! You go, girl! Impressive distance (wish I could go thirty.) Your photos show pretty, peaceful scenery; it must have been a delightful ride. Too bad there are none of the victor. Good show on showing up the sadistic fixie rider. Thanks for the write-up.

Way to go, Cathy!!


Great job. Four + hours of riding is plenty for one day.

Well done Cathy! Do they not do Camelbaks in lilac then?:slight_smile:

Nice rolling Cathy,

I’ve never gone more than 15 miles at a go, but your inspiring me to try to change that.

Wow, congratulations Cathy! Great achievement :slight_smile:
I wish I had such nice bike paths here in Poland, unfortunately I have to struggle
through a bunch of junctions and (mostly) red lights before I get out to nice, long
and continuous bike path. Well, at least it makes me improve my coker freemounts :roll_eyes:


Nice one Cathy.

30 miles is a really good distance to cover, to add 7 miles to your longest ride is good going.

Another Lilac Unicycle! Very cool. :sunglasses:

How is that one?


That looks like a very pleasant trail there along the river.

Congratulations on the big ride. 30 miles is about what I consider to be the breakeven point where riding further ceases to be pleasant and the Coker becomes an instrument of torture.

My longest ride to date is 27mi, but I’m going to explore today and see if I can find the new bike path that follows a nearby river, and maybe do a proper 30.


Congratulations Cathwood! I really enjoyed your pics, and the cool purple 36-er. It looks like a very nice setting, and 30 miles is a Proper Distance Ride. :slight_smile:

You should be proud of your effort!

Good pedaling,


And she did it without an espresso stop. :astonished:

Well done, Cathy! Looks like you have very pretty surroundings to ride in. My longest ride to date is 10 miles, you’ve given me new energy to extend my limits. :slight_smile:

I’ll add to the chorus - CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you all very much.