30 and 60 K cycle enduro's in Ontario April 27

Hey everyone, check this out

60km Ancaster to Paris race.

there’s a 30 KM race as well

I’ll be Cokering the 60 km event!

Sounds like fun!!

Hey, is Ancaster anywhere near Toronto??

Is it a good idea to use a 24" in the 30k, or I should not even bother showing up, since I’ll never be able to affored a coker before April!

with warm up rides, 30 k would be tough, but completely do-able on a 24"

I bet that would take you 3-3.5 hours. Just start going for endrance rides!

go for it!

ancaster is right by hamilton, so about 1-1.5 hours from TO

Online registration is up @

free T-shirt to the first 500 people :slight_smile: