3 yeras of riding - declaration of love

aftre three years of riding, i think it’s time for a hymn to the best sport (it’s not really a vid, thats why i put it in this thread):



Nice photos in there!

those pictures were amazing, makes me wish I had some cool ones, the only cool one I have is my avatar:(

Lovely. And a reminder to all that extreme unicycling videos don’t need to be accompanied by head-banging music with rude lyrics! :slight_smile:

Who is your photographer? Or if you’re the photographer, who is your subject? I wish I had a photographer along with me on those rare, beautiful rides but mostly that ends up being me, so the people in the pictures are someone else. Like this one of Zack Baldwin.


Nice slideshow thingy. I think my favorite was the one of 3 muni riders riding down that extremely steep grassy hill.

usally i’m on my own and use my handy with the 5mega pixel cam, selftimer with bestpic modus (9 pics in a second or so). i use the handy with a mini tripod: http://www.guenstiger.de/gt/main.asp?produkt=388070

thanks for the comments!

Wow! That was beautiful.

Thanks for sharing, & thanks to Mr. Armstrong for the background music.


The photo of the cows looking at the unicycle made me laugh.

Your pics are amazing. I always enjoy them and this montage is no exception. Keep it coming!

I agree, that photo is awesome. Such a strange combination. Are your photos available for purchase? That cow photo is screaming to be on my desktop at work!