3-wheeler freemount success

Adam and Ben are our two giraffe freemounters in the club. Tonight at club, the two took our new 3-wheeler out to the parking lot to try freemounting. Adam, who is quite a bit taller than Ben, was finally successful. Ben is close.

They start with a foot on top of the bottom tire then leap up onto the bottom pedal and up and over the back of the seat. Adam is about 1 out of 7 right now. Sure hope he can nail it in the Memorial Day parade in a couple weeks. It’s an awesome sight.

(Wish I still had the digital camera with the video clip feature.)


You should check out sofa’s post and vid. He seems to have mastered the 3wheeler:)

Yeah, I saw that. I got into trouble for not being “in the know” in that post. :slight_smile:


But Sofa didn’t claim to freemount the threewheeler did he? So the Yoopers gang beat Sofa here. :slight_smile:

Klaas Bil

if it’s made out of unicycle wheels, you should put a set of cranks & pedals on the bottom wheel, then they could both ride it.

A double freemount would be pretty cool.


…or maybe a set of pegs! Now you’ve got me thinking.

Oh, Ben did a jump mount to the 3-wheeler last night from his 20" freestyle. I was holding the 3-wheeler though. He rode toward it, jumped from his 20" onto the 3-wheeler pedals grabbing the seat to pull himself up. If we could practice it, the mount would look great in parades.


That sounds pretty impressive. You could combine the two, bottom person holds the unicycle, top person comes up on 20" and jump mounts, bottom person hops onto the pegs.


You’ll notice that my video started with me already mounted. I just couldn’t grasp the concept of freemounting, and was gently guided in by a 70 year old man.

You may have me THIS time Bruce…