3 Unis for sale:

I have a Torker 5 foot giraffe, 28 inch Sun uni, and a 26 inch Nimbus Muni for sale. If anyone is seriously interested and in North America, I will try to get some pictures and descriptions up! I also have a pedi cab for sale but I cant ship it.



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How much are you asking for the Sun 28? Is it hard to find that size tire? I am new to unicycling but making good progress and I was looking at stepping up to a 29 soon. Would this be good for longer distances/commuting? I have heard mixed reviews on Sun.


check what some people said about suns here i thought it helped a lot…i p3rolly wont buy one :slight_smile: but to each his own

I have posted my Unicycles on Craigslist. They can be found in Tennessee. http://nashville.craigslist.org/bik/2023301171.html
I hope this link went through. I am computer illiterate about some things!:smiley:
I believe the Muni has 150 mm cranks but dont quote me on that. I am trying to sell these local, but I am willing to ship if anyone is willing to pay the shipping price.

Sun unicycles are nothing fancy, but the price is hard to beat for something to take on some distance rides. It just depends on what you are looking for.


have you posted prices at all for any of them and i missed them?!?

Go to the link:
I have posted my Unicycles on Craigslist. They can be found in Tennessee. http://nashville.craigslist.org/bik/2023301171.html


u just have the price on the muni…how much for the giraffe?

I’ll pay $100 + shipping for just the 26" wheel set. I don’t even want the tire. As long as the hub is ISIS and the rim is 42mm (or whatever the Nimbus standard is these days) it works for me.

I’ll also be willing to pay $150 + shipping for the whole Muni.

I’m not local but at least you have an offer. Are you interested?

I live in TN, one of my co-workers is looking to buy a uni for her son.

Check PM’s

PM sent a couple days ago, plz check

So I am interested in both the Muni and the Sun at the posted prices on CraigsList. I sent a PM the other day so please take a look and respond. If U didn’t get it just respond here and I will send another. I live in Utah so want to figure out the shipping costs.

how much for the giraffe?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to everybody about the unicycles. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I have decided to keep my 26 inch Muni. I can’t stand to give it up. I have already sold the 28 inch Sun and the pedicab. I have a guy who is coming to look at the giraffe locally. After I found out how hard it would be for me to ship this because of my work schedule and distance to a bike shop, I pretty much gave up on trying to figure out shipping stuff anyway. Again, I hope I didnt offend anyone by my delayed responses. I have been saving for a 36 inch Coker and I ordered it today:D. I hope all my unicycling friends can be happy for me. Hopefully I will be able to get out and ride with some of you someday when I am not having to work for a living!

No problem PT1uni! I was hoping to buy it from you, but that is OK. I will probably buy the same one from UDC now. I want to improve my balance and technical skills a bit before going to a 36er, and I think I will want to have both anyway. So did you buy a BigOne or the V2? Did you order it from UDC or directly from Coker? Good luck with it! :slight_smile:

I bought “The Big One” from UDC. I looked at reviews on here and talked to Terry Peterson about them because he has tried several different ones. I plan on using it strickly for the road/commuting and not trails so he said the Coker Big One would be just fine for that. UDC told me that they send Coker orders that they get over to the Coker company, and Coker ships them out from their warehouse, and the price you see on their site includes shipping. I was happy about that. I live in Tennessee so I should get it fairly quickly since Coker is here in Tennessee. Yay! Good luck with your unicycle purchases. Thanks!

What are the description and specs on the Nimbus Muni? I can be reached at yoopers98 at yahoo a little easier than here. I’m hardly ever on the forums anymore.