3 unicycles for sale, and two for free

Sorry, folks, no photos available. (Unicycles won’t fit in my scanner.)

I’m having to rationalise my fleet, to clear space in my house because I need to move to get away from the local vandals and druggies.


24 inch Nimbus 1 unicycle. This is the original Nimbus frame with the inverted Y shaped fork crown. It has a 24 inch wheel with a red anodised rim. It comes with a red Viscount sadle, but I can swap this for a black/grey Velo saddle (no handle) if you prefer. I can fit most sizes of cranks from 89mm (lightweight or budget) up to 150mm. Most people would probably choose 125s or 150s. The pedals fitted are pinned platforms worth about £20 a pair, but I can swap these back for the original round-ended plastic ones if you prefer. It has a trip computer. Tyre is 24 x 1.95 with knobbles. I have used this unicycle for 20+ mile rides, and for light muni/cross country as well as general riding around. I don’t do drops so the rim is still circular and the cranks are straight!

The total package to buy new wouold be something like £140 - £150 (depending on what set up you want).

This is a nice beginner’s to intermediate unicycle. Depending on which set up you want, I’ll sell it for between £50 and £75. I live in Nottingham, and can deliver it or meet you (within reason) as far as about Leicester, Derby, Chesterfield, Lincoln.

Send me a private message or email me at Mikefule (at) aol.com

Pashley 26 inch MUni, seen quite hard use. Gazz 2.3 inch tyre in excellent condition. Viscount saddle with Reeder handle. Pinned (DDG) pedals. 150 mm steel cranks. Cheap computer.

The Pashley is a heavy duty and durable unicycle. It has the distinctive Pashley bearing holders. Alloy quick relase seat clamp. The frame is Reynolds tubing. It is painted a sort of gun metal grey.

The whole package would cost something over £150 new. I’d accept £100.

Delivery details same as for 24 above.

Pashley 20 inch UMX. Wellgo metal BMX pedals. Cottered cranks. Weird seat. This was my first unicycle. It’s a bit rattly, but good for a beginner. I’ll accept £20. At present, it’s at my mum’s in Boston, Lincs.

1959 hand made 20 inch unicycle. This was an “opportunity purchase” from a man in a pub. The frame is a nice piece of craftsmanship, hand made in the Netherlands in approximately 1959. It’s chrome (or nickel?) plated, with main cap bearing holders. In its present set up, it has cottored cranks and I’ve never quite got them set up straight - I think it needs a small coke can shim on one. It has a leather bicycle saddle similar to a traditional Brooks touring saddle. This unicycle looks nice, but is mainly of novelty value. I don’t know if it would take a normal modern hub. If you manage to fit one, it will make a nice looking cruising machine. I’ll be sorry to see it go, but I know I’ll never really use it.

You can have this one for free. Again, I can deliver or meet you “within reason” around the East Midlands area. As the unicycle is free, I might have to ask for petrol money depending on the distance travelled.

If no one wants it, I will have no choice but to throw it away, which would be a pity.

Giraffe. This was an impulse purchase. It is only about chest hight, andis of very flimsy and rickety construction. However, it was properly made, rather than welded in a shed from bits.

I can’t recommend this as a machine for performing or hard riding. It’s a toy which might be fun for a few days before you break it. For this reason, it’s free, and will be thrown away if not claimed.

Delivery as for the 20.

Don’t worry folks, I’m not giving up. In the unlikely event of them all going, I’ll be left with a 28, a Coker and a 20. Then I’ll eventually buy a good 24 x 3 Muni.

u got a pm from me

would you sell the reeder on it’s own?

The giraffe sounds nice; I’ve sent you a pm.

Hi, I live in leicester. Would you sell the grey black velo seat seperately?? What condition is it in? I’d be interested in the giraffe and maybe the 24" too… maybe. I could meet in leicester or probably notts if you wanted to sell them!

I will reply to PMs late tonight or tomorrow evening. I’m in a rush now.

Why must you live in a seperate country across the ocean!

I’ll buy the 20" the one that is nickel plated or whatever

If I were you I’d save the most amount of space for least loss of unicycles. On which note, I’ll give you £30 for the coker. :smiley:


PM’d you

I wish there were poeple like you here in America. Selling good stuff pretty darn cheaply.

thank god i got in early i normal miss stuff like this.


I have always wanted to meet you in person. Please pack all the unis in a crate, buy an airline ticket, and come over for a visit. I’ll buy them all. You can stay for awhile and go on some rides with us. No morris dancing while you’re here, though. I’ve seen the videos. And, more importantly, we WILL take photos of your rides.

What a lovely idea. Perhaps one day. ;0)

I’m not half as good as my publicity though.

i am deffo imtersted in the giraff if still up?
Add me to msn on t-mag_rider@hotmail.co.uk

this came up as a link onthe botom of the screen
i have just realised that it was made in 2004!

I must confess it did surprise me soewhat to see I had three unicycles for sale!

The giraffe did go. It wasn’t a very good machine, and I swapped it for an enjoyable ride round part of Sheffield, a chat, and a contribution towards my petrol to get there.

I only bought it in the first place because I’d driven into bl**dy Exeter to view it.

All the way from Nottingham? You must have really wanted a giraffe! :slight_smile:


No, all the way from Bratton Clovelly, near Okehampton in Devon. But Exeter is bl**dy horrible to drive through.

Its true people do complain alot about driving through it, but it is a nice place to live with a few good places to ride.