3 tricks I haven't seen.

Maybe 1, 2 or all 3 of these tricks have been done, but I haven’t seen 'em.

#1) While hopping up stairs, or even while static hopping, do a crank flip at the top of or during each hop.
#2) Uni-spin while static hopping, but directly over seat; not sif.
#3) Uni-spin seat in back. :smiley:

#1) that would be interesting…it might be hard though, I don’t know how easy static crankflips are.
#2) seat in unispins have been done, I believe…at least, unispins from seat in to seat out have been done, and unispins from seat out to seat in have been done, so I assume that unispins from seat in to seat in have been done.
#3) thats been done by at least one person…its a pretty sweet trick.

oh, what would make another sweet trick, I think, would be unispin start seat in back, and end seat in front, or vice versa.

#4) No handed unispin.

I’d really want to see someone pull that off, but it may be on the verge of impossible.

that would be difficult…what would be TOTALLY SWEET though, if someone could do that, would be a seat drag unispin. I guess the first step would be learn to unispin on an ultimate wheel.

i bet shaun could do it easy!

yeah hed be able to do taht

I have yet to see someone do a backflip… Like, the inverted move. I think it would be doable into a big foam block pit off of a really high drop. Wouldn’t that be awesome to drop into a foam pit?

when some 1 backflips i will never be sad my friend haha (if we are talking about sumasalt backflip and not crankflip backflip)

yep, a back summersault. Inverted. Or whatever you want to call it. It would seriously be doable with the setup I just gave. A big drop into a safe pit, like foam block.

yeha that that dont count i mena land and ride away… try it oin the foam first please… still sick as anything though

Im not trying it :slight_smile:

theyre doable i suppose. id like to see either a 270 or 450 unispin directly into a sideways ww. it would flow really nice

haha dont blame you

one could do a backflip into water easy.

One could also rust their uni out easy.

I have jumped a really old bike into water before. After about 5 runs the cranks seized and the frame/spokes/rims were rusted out. The only thing that really survived was the tires and tubes. Kind of crazy, but it happened!

So, I would not recomend this.

That’s odd, we played with a junk unicycle in a pool for about 10 minutes once and it didn’t rust one bit. That was a year ago and the unicycle is still in working condition.

i think alex toms does something like that in one of his short like 3 second videos at the end