3" tire on Koxx-one 26"?

Just wondering if anybody knows from first hand experience or if they have heard from anyone if a 3" DURO would fit on a 26" Koxx-one frame. If so, how much clearance is there? The unicycle typically comes with a 26-2.5" try-all.


I have no first hand knowledge, but by looking at it’s picture @ renegadejuggling.com I’m sure there’d be no problem fitting a 3" tire. A 3" Nokian Gazzoladi might not though (definately the widest of the 3"'ers). It looks like it has more clearance than my Torker DX which fits 3"ers fine (but not the 3" Gazz).

A thing to be considered w/ the Trackmonster is it’s quite wide at the crown which may cause you to painfully hit your knees on it as you pedal over technical terrain and side hop. Some people even hit their knees on the Nimbus frame (significantly narrower at the crown).

no problem,

i ride my 26" koxx monster with a 4" endomorph and there is enough clearance.
with a 3" wildlife or gazzaloddi there is a lot clearance, the “orange” tire in my profile pic is a 3" gazzaloddi in the 26" koxx monster.
another pic:

I ve never had problems with the koxx monster at my knees - while wearing shin / knee protection


Sounds like you got your answer :slight_smile:

I know that the Numbus 26" frame clears fine, so now we’re just waiting for Kris to increase the crown clearance on his new 26" frame, then we’ll have three choices: Aluminum ($300), Chromoly ($100), and Steel ($50).

Oh yeah, there’s always Surly’s 26" ($300), but that’s one really wide frame :astonished: