3" Tire on a trials uni?

I’m looking to get a 20" trials uni at the end of this summer, and the KH seems like an attractive choice. The only problem I have with it is it seems to not have room for a tire bigger than the stock 2.5". Is this true? Is it even worth putting a 3" tire on a trials uni, or does the extra weight negate the added bounciness?

Are there any other solid trials unis I should be considering (under $500, cheaper is better)?

I dont think there are many 20x3 tires out there. Maybe just the stingray? There certainly arent any specifically for trials.

I prefer my 24x3 muni for trials and street over my trials. I prefer it because of the faster ride which is a result of wheel diameter and not tire thickness. A 20x2.5 is plenty bouncy.

The new KHs are just about the best trials rigs you can get before you start getting into custom unis. If youre shooting for the under $500 mark, the Kh is a very good choice. :slight_smile:

I think I saw a 3.0 tire specificly designed for trials somewhere on this forum. But you guys thought it wouldn´t be any good beacuse of the extra weight.

:astonished: I stand corrected. Anyone got any more info on this?

I don’t know about a 3" trials tire, but a while ago there was a thread about new 2.7" tire here

I think the 2.7" tire would fit fine on my '04 KH, but I don’t know about the '05.

If you get the KH, you will not regret it (unless you are really weird or something), it is an awsome unicycle. :slight_smile:

you really don’t need anything bigger than a 2.5… with the posssible extra bounce you get, it cancils it out with the extra weight. And most importantly, if you run you psi low, a wider tire on a dx32 just means easier folding.

must have been the 2.7 tire I was thinking about…
My bad

We can all speculate but no ones gonna know until someone tries it. :smiley:

I really don’t see the point, the 2.5" creepy crawler is pogo-stick enough!

i have one… but i cant try it… i killed the hub from the uni after 5 minutes of riding (it was a non splined hub)