3 stair drop test. (700c)

the Super 29er is almost compleated but its still not close enough to give the details.there are just a couple more things to add,then there will be full disclosure of all the parts that make up this 700c muni mobile.untill then (2 more weeks) here is a very low rez sneek peek.

i had to test the wheel out after i built it so what better than a 3 stair drop just out my front door.i wonder how far i can go before,toco

Video link

Your link is bunk.

Ummmm… No it isn’t. Works for me.

Great job jagur. I don’t think I’d try that on my 29er.

cheers… Mojoe

and I Definitely wouldn’t try that on my 29er!

why not? are your 29ers to puny? :roll_eyes: <fib a little> /slash*drunkurd:colon

Dang, Jag. Now I have to up the ante with mine… Will it never end…! :wink:

Any idea as to the exact height of that drop?

I’ve hopped up stairs with mine and down single steps so far.

Not for me. Is there something that needs to be downloaded to play those .mov files?

I got squat. (squat is a lot like bunk)


you need Quicktime to view it,if you have Quicktime then all you need to do is left click to view it or right click to download it.

here is the link to where it is in the gallery:
maybe it will be easier for you guys to view in there,its last vid on the bottom.its about 887k

it aint bunk…

Quicktime did the trick.

I’m scared to do that on my off the rack 29er. When do we hear the details?

its about 25 inches high and i shot out about 3 feet.not the highest drop in the world but on a 29er it feels reckless.i plan on dropping a little higher when everything settles a bit.

Yup, same here. Very impressive drop, plus I finally got to watch the Yoga videos. Does not look like a very efficient way to get around… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’ve got a 29er you want to test like we did to that Coker I’d be glad to help:)


the cranx melted on the Coker but since my 29er has a Profile hub you guys would most likely toco it.:slight_smile:

Any time, Ben. You guys were so impressive with your professionalism.

But all I’d want to do is drop farther than Jag. :smiley:

What’s next for the testing?

Check out the tire bottoming out on the landing, good thing you added air before the next jump. Might be a good idea to lower the seat in future testing, hurts me just watching the videos.

So what’s next maybe a picnic table? Can’t wait to see more testing footage, keep them coming.



hey Gene,

we just got back from Champoog,we rode out there yesterday on b*kes and camped.

as for more drop testing,yeah i want to cruz to Englewood and do a picnic table.i think my wheel could take it.my tyre bottomed out and that was with 50 psi.,now some of you guys know why i mentioned putting in 65psi.

im haveing trouble mounting my brake lever,i hope i dont end up have to shell out $50 on a Wilder adapter,i already broke one of those.


about the brake lever attachment, iv been people cut a bmx handlebar at part of the bend, smash the ends of thier section, and drill holes for the handle and seat post bolts.

Hey Jagur,
I used an old MTB “bar end” to mount the brake lever to the seatpost on my Muni

magura lever.jpg

thats a great option if your seat tube is 22,2mm but mine is fatter that any bar-end will go around.

Max,thats a good idea too and i thought about it but if it flexed back and forth enough i think it would snap.cant have that.