3-speed Unicycle

I’ve often wondered about building a 3 or 5 speed unicycle. Wondered if it could be done with planetary gears. Never seen or heard of one but haven’t traveled in the unicycle circles… This ever been done?

I think the best idea for a geared MUni would be a LOW gear to make climbing easier, just like mtbs. And you could have shorter cranks for faster speeds in 1:1, like maybe 125mm or even smaller. I like this concept MUCH better than a higher gear; unless you could make it low, 1:1, high. But then it’s much more complex and thus more moving parts and more potential for failures.

there are 3 speed fixed bike hubs that you could probably build into a giraffe or on some sort of jack shaft.

here is some discussion

Here’s some pictures of a custom built 10 speed unicycle, and here’s a link to the page I found it on

Pretty neat eh?

haha wow
that thing looks like a deathtrap
i would be scared to ride it…it might just gobble me up

Fascinating. I think I’ve seen pictures of this one before. The guy who posted it (in the link) is a former member of the Pontiac Unicycle Club (they hosted the first USA convention, 1973) and I get the impression the unicycle may be for sale (or was). It looks like it was built with real unicyclists in mind, so it may actually work!

the idea is good however its way to bulky and to much metal.
i’am currently working on something that looks like it, well the idea.
but with a internal shifting hub.

i’am using a bicycle hub for this but the problem with a internal bicycle hub is that there are mulitple freewheel inside.

I don’t think neat is the right word to use here! I can see how it would work, but it’d be better to put the gearinf in a more tidy place. There are already quite a few geared hubs out there and I think that the original Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal geared hub coulb be ‘fixed’ to use on a unicycle. I definitely like the idea of having an easy gear for hills, 1:1 for general use, then a harder gear for some high speeding!

I would love to see some more detailed photos and the design philosophy and a ride report.Someone must have it ?

the sturmey archer is not the best hub to make fixed because the gearing system needs the freewheel to change gears

10-Speed Uni

Does anyone know if it is still for sale and who owns it? The Craig’s List link has expired.

If one could construct, out of fiberglass or some like material, a cover to “hide and protect” all that metal it would be so much better. I’d hate to have my baggy shorts get caught in some metal bit there at high speed! Ouch!

Sram/sachs t3

Two years ago I had a SRAM/SACHS T3 converted by Graham Webster. Put it on a five foot giraffe. It has the free wheel locked up so there are only two speeds, high and low gear. Up to about half a turn freeplay when you shift. About 5 degrees of gear lash and chain slack when locked in gear. It is a hoot to ride.