3 Short Movies...

I’ve finally uploaded the little movie I made of the latest trials comp I did. It’s mainly just to play around with a semi-fisheye lens I’m borrowing.

It’s okay, and I was really ahppy with the last clip, but nothing special. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to film much of the expert trials biking.

13.8MB Version (DivX codec required)
5MB Version (wmv)

A couple more movies to come today, hopefully this hour.


“Daisy Hill Muni”

This one I would only really recommend for people who don’t get bored by watching weekend group muni rides. I made it as a record of a fun day for the riders involved, but thought I’d post about it here since I was going to upload it for them anyway.

It does feature Kevin who is an amazing young rider with no fear…unfortunately he fractures an ankle at the end.

13MB Version


“Muni and Trials”

This one is 1:30 long and more like the old short movies I made. Some fun lines in there and a good stack that hurt quite a bit.

10MB Version (DivX codec required)
3MB Version (wmv)

And that’s it for now.


NICE! they all were fun to watch. I cant believe that people used juggle bugs for muni and they worked pretty well. I’ve always liked the way you put together footage.

Oh how are you liking the creepy crawler tire bytheway?

You think riding with sandles had anything to do with that …?

Nice footage :sunglasses:

The Creepy Crawler is very grippy, and has a very soft compound. This extra grip is very nice, but I still prefer the Monty/Luna ones. The Maxxis just doesn’t have thick enough side-walls and folds too much. So I have had to run a much higher pressure in there. It’s a cheap tyre, so I’m not too disappointed, but next time I’m getting anther Monty.


Edit - A bit more detail…
I like to do technical riding where there are often small landing surfaces, and this tyre seems to be more ‘bouncy’ in these cases which is a bas thing. I’ve found I get bounced off rungs of ladders and that sort of thing.

Hahaha, Kevin’s awesome isn’t he!


Re: 3 Short Movies…

Great short movies. Your skinny riding is amazing, especially if the
wheel is in close-up. It goes from one side to the other, yet stays
glued to the riding surface. Kudos!

The guy with the yellow Jugglebug is very good too. I assume from the
fact that he does Muni on a Jugglebug that he is a relatively new

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Re: Re: 3 Short Movies…

Thanks Klaas. :slight_smile:

Kevin is an amazing rider, so young, so talented, and so little fear. I don’t know how long he’s been riding for but it would only be 2 or 3 years I think. His Dad (riding the blue one) is getting my old muni frame and upgrading to a 24" though.


Seems like playgounrds is kind of a theme in your videos. ^^
Now i just have to wait a couple of minutes to watch the first one!

Really nice riding, felt very quiet without any music at first, but after a little while i started enjoy it much, hearing the nature, people speaking and so on. :slight_smile:

What’s the sound in the forest in the Daisy Hill video? Does it allways sound like that? Feels really exotic to me… but then, i guess our woods woods woods would make you feel the same thing… drive between 2 towns, it’s a 100 mile drive. and all you see is woods woods woods, pretty booring… but then, i guess that’s all the desert is to you, boring and problems… :slight_smile:

Poor Kevin! :frowning:

nice riding,especilly on those skinnies.and your 180s/90s look soooo smooth.

i couldnt download the second one though.its divx encoded or somthing,and i cant figure out how to download the divx thing.

Just go to divx.com, click on the DivX tab on the top, then download DivX, should be the 3rd one down, and the only one that says free download.

I liked the 1st one the best… really makes me wanna go out and practice biketrials. :smiley:

Bugs. :slight_smile: It often sounds like that earlyish in the morning when we’re often out riding. I don’t notice it anymore.


Edit - I’m going out riding and filming today.

These are excellent movies, and I especially like your BiG Movie, Andrew.

One cool thing was seeing uni and bike doing the same lines.

Thanks Dave. I also like bike trials in uni movies. Hopefully I’ll start to do heaps more riding and pop out another ‘big’ movie soon.