3 Ring Circus MTB race 2012 (Australia)

Sunday 22 July 2012 is the date for the 3 Ring Circus.
Its a great MTB event that is very welcoming of Unicycles.
They even have a category for us.


I’ve done it before with Napalm and its a great day out, so I’m planning on doing it again (if my long suffering wife will let me)

Let me know if you’re interested in doing it.

If you live in Sydney we could even carpool down together.

i would love to do something like that but it’s a lot of travel for me, how difficult is the terrain and how competent do you have to be?

Hi Chazpantz
Its made up of 3 segments.
6km (Easy)
25km (lots of awsome single track and some climbs)
19km (Some big hills and steady climbs, but also firetrails and an easy finish)

You do need some fitness to do it, but if you find a mate, you can do 25kms each.

Napalm did it in 3:20 odd last year but he’s an animal.
I did it in 4:20ish and that included lots of walked hills :slight_smile:

Most of it is pretty smooth trails so you don’t need to be an expert rider to do it.
PM me if you want more details.



Would love to but i’ll be in the Italian Alps, kicking butt at UNICON :smiley: (well, here’s to hoping). The Three Ring Circus is an awesome event with lots of great single track (mainly in the middle ring). I’ve done it 2 years now and it is a really fun and rewarding experience. You would not want to go into it half heartedly- you will quickly find the experience not nearly as fun as you thought. There are some big hills, both short and very steep, and loooooong and not quite as steep :slight_smile:

Well worth a try- even more fun if you can get some mates on board and do it as a team (just make sure you are the guy that gets to do the middle ring!).


At the risk of starting another Schlumpf vs 29er debate would it be possible to ride this race on an ungeared 29er or would it just take too long? Did you ride it geared dragonzfly?

Totally fine to tackle this race on a 29. I think they stop people from heading out on their 3rd loop if they come into transition after 4 hrs- so unless you really hit the wall you should be fine to finish the race. Considering the course, you’d struggle to beat a good rider on a schlumpf, but you’d still have a tonne of fun no doubt.

Rob- you should consider entering the night time race preview seeing as though you have your new set of Ay-up lights!

For an idea of what the race is like, I did a pretty comprehensive write up last year. You can read it and see the pics here:


Thanks for that Mark. It is a great write up. I had read it before but forgot it was for the 3 ring circus.

I will definitely think about doing it this year.


Yup, I ride a geared 26er.