3 Quick MUC Pics


Today the Memphis Unicycle Club (MUC) hit the Tour De Wolfe or whatever its called at the Shelby Farms in Memphis, TN. We didn’t get many photos but I wanted to throw some up.


Thanks to everyone in the MUC for their generosity, as always!


Nice pix! looks like fun!:smiley:


Like the T-shirts!

Is that a comeback to the eternal question:
“Where’s your other wheel?”
“Err…my dog ate it, and a bit of this one too!:D”

Cool pics Lewis, keep it up.


Cool, now let’s see the blurry action pics. BTW, you don’t look stupid in the second picture, Lewis -more like a Calvin Kline model with a ‘come hither, I’m all man’ expression.



My ‘come hither’ look is more of an expression of fear than anything else. The second image is more of a “hurry up and take the picture, sweat leaked into my eyes” look.