3 - part one (muni)



That looks AMAZING! impressive muni too. nice one turtle :slight_smile:

YES! Very cool muni video! What a fantastic way to descend a peak! Some of those trail sections looked pretty exposed :astonished: . Definitely some of the best muni footage I’ve seen–not because it was the most technical or extreme, but because you seem to have mastered what must be a very sasitfying, unique experience: a complete alpine trail descent via unicycle. Thanks! :slight_smile:

ok not a other uni video, that’s what i do during the winter :slight_smile: if you have a close look, i’ll see the same mountain as seen in the muni vid above…


Very nice vid. I liked the idea of blocking the pole in the backpack for some hand-free action.

Looks marvelous under the snow. However, the ratio time-to-climb vs time-to-reach-the-bottom should be even worse with a snowboard because of the higher speed :smiley:


earn yout turn :slight_smile:

3 hours of hiking for a 15 minutes ride:-)

But i like to be on my own in the nature, setting a first line and not to have to be in a skiing resort…

Wow !!!

And do you have the ratio when you were on the uni ? (like 3h / 1.5h)

yes something around that, maybe 1:3 :slight_smile: