3 more flip tricks added to my list

My back has been hurt for like 3 weeks and I haven’t been able to ride and I just started again yesterday. Since yesterday afternoon I have landed 3 more flip tricks.
Here is a vid
They are hickflips, sexchanges and fakie backflips. The fakie backflips were by far the hardest and most inconsistant.

Oh, awsome!

That’s funny, because the fakie backs looked the smoothest sorta…

Awsome… keep up the good work!


I didn’t watch the vid but good work anyway. I’ve been working on hick/out flips for ages, i always end up with the trick done perfectly and my feet on the ground if you get that. Any tips?

Well I can’t do out flips yet but for normal hickflips at first I would land with the uni really far from my body and my feet on the ground before it was even done spinning. Then as I practiced more I could get it to where you are now, everything but the landing part. When I was making my last vid I was trying them at the park and I was getting at least one foot on then my camera battery died. So I just started trying again yesterday because Cody (caw89) came to my house then I was getting both my feet on then falling over. Like 2 minutes after he left I landed one.
I know that won’t help you very much though. Maybe try a bigger extention of your flipping foot? Oh and I kick my front flipping foot down and out back sort of so it feels kind of like a scooping motion as I am spinning it.
If you want to see how I do it then you should watch the clip:)

Lol well when I was there I told ya I coudlnt figure out why you couldnt land it, you were so close every attemp…But now you can do bigger tricks than me bro…at least il have the trials and my own style of riding that I have yet to see someone else have…So can yo you land them every attemp now?

ace. Ive just learned crankflips.

Im inpressed well done