3-month old rides unicycle

Here is my 3-month old nephew, Silas, on my 12" unicycle. :smiley:

uni silas.jpg

I don’t know; even Steve McPeak had me more convinced when he was on his 101 footer. :smiley:

Thanks for sharing the cute picture!

But give the kid some time…

Was that guy with the beard leaning on the wall, or was this a freemount?

You’re going to HAVE to get that kid a helmet, Nikki!

yea, ive seen that guy before:

No wonder Kris is so good. Look at the age he started at!

Here’s another young unicyclist. It takes a while to travel around the world.


This thread is why my wife insists I NEVER put ANY pictures of my kids on the internet.

Now I understand.


If Nikki can save these posts somehow they will have fun with them when the little unicyclist gets a little older.

I believe to save a post you just go to file and save as :slight_smile:


Give Silas another year and he can ride this 16" tall uni with feet on the pedals.

Like this?

CommandoH and Paco:

That keeps getting funnier and funnier!

It makes my day each time, thanks

Re: 3-month old rides unicycle

nikkifrog wrote:
> Here is my 3-month old nephew, Silas, on my 12" unicycle. :smiley:
> |Download attachment: http://www.unicyclist.com/attachment/189265|

Very sweet, but my daughter was riding a Coker at 2 months :stuck_out_tongue:

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