3 mile Muni vs 30 mile Cokering for exercise

Hehehehehe, I think you’re misapplying what I’ve said about cokering vs. road biking to apply to mountain. Hardcore muni is WAY harder than mountain biking. Fact is, though, which is what I said, for a consistent, significant, road workout on flat ground or with a flat average, the road bike takes the cake for workout potential. On roller-hills in the mountains, the mountain bike can be (and, depending on the rider and intensity, usually is) way easier than a muni. Oh, heall naw, I didn’t say Muni was easier than mtb. :slight_smile:

Try a 100-200 mile road bike ride some time, at a good, strong pace… with some climbs in there… on a road bike whose smallest gear is a 39/23 * 700c, which is like a 45" wheel. Once you do, you’ll see why even a 50 mile bike workout can wipe you out if you do it right. In response to your claim that gears help me climb hills on 90-mile road rides, how is climbing on a 45" gear easier than climbing on a 36, even when in fact the hills usually get tackled in 60+ inch gears? (I grant that the balancing factor on the 36 makes it more difficult, but not up to the point of it being 45"- and definitely not 60"- difficult) :slight_smile:

I (and Joe too) kill your argument for the superiority of the coker for road training, and you fall back and say that Muni is harder than mountain biking, quoting the only part of my post that doesn’t mention roads, implicitly claiming you were right all along. Hehehehehehe. This forum game is fun. If I piss you off, let me know, because in my mind I’m arguing trying to hold back laughing with a big grin on my face. I really don’t want to make anyone angry. :slight_smile:

I think that if you try some consistent, high-cadence, long (at least 20 minutes at a time), uninterrupted, aerobic-threshold-max, large-geared (not easily geared :)) hill climbs on a bike (or, if you have the right hill, coker) and do them regularly, you’ll notice a big improvement in your ability to put out power. Muni will allow you to take punishment and force yourself to keep pushing through pain. Cokering with resistance and cycling doing intervals and distance in optimal gears will allow you to get a hell of a lot more raw output out of yourself before a given amount of pain will even occur.

As a note, please don’t let my remarks make you think that I believe I’m better than you. I really don’t. Your abilities to drops and to jump are well beyond mine, as is your age. I’m “THIRTY YEARS younger!” (!!!1!!1!!1one!!1) than you, and, in all honesty, I hope to be in the kind of shape you are when I’m 50. I think that your ability to output power could be vastly improved (and quickly!) with some consistent hill climbing (on a bike or coker) and speed-cruising (23+mph if you’re doing well) for long distances on a bike with consistent, fast cadence. I also think that muni is irreplaceable as training for muni, because there’s nothing else quite like it, and the degree to which it tears up your body if you’re not prepared is nothing a road bike can tackle. That said, since when did more wattage-bang for your effort-buck become a problem? I think consistent, optimized, power training can increase that fundamental number, watts per effort percentage, faster than muni can, of course, ASSUMING you’re already in shape to muni your ass off and survive to do it again the next day. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your night!

Or he could get an off-road tyre for his coker so he can experience both worlds. :smiley: :smiley:

The multipurpose Coker

Coker MUni (Monster MUni)
Great for building strength, stamina, muscle as well as riding skills!!! :astonished:

Coker Street
A great way to chill out and have fun on ONE!!!:slight_smile:

Both are good, though I reading some posts (I didn’t read all, sorry) I think people have the wrong idea of road riding, touring I guess, will not train your muscles enough, if you put shorter cranks on your coker though and try to get a speed of around 25km, I will tell you that is some proper exercise, I was knackered after the marathon at Unicon. Muni will increase your over-all speed and your sprinting muscles I guess, if you were to ride some more XC trails you’d be building endurance muscles, like on a coker. Because of the higher cadence on the coker (150RPM+) you will burn a lot of callories. Any type of riding will get you fit eventually, do what you enjoy.



Actually, in terms of a training program, both are arguably necessary. The MUni will put your bod in need for recovery rides, which could easily be the Coker ride. The MUni will tax your muscles and cardio (so-called “overload training”, and the low-load Cokering will flush your system and prepare it for the next off-road workout (so-called “active recovery”).

So use the two types together for the best possible improvement.

Check out this Lance Armstrong book for more information.

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Why argue about which is better? Just do both! Ride 2.5 hours on the coker followed by .5 hours of hard muni every day. Problem solved. :smiley:

OK i havent read this thread for a bit but…
This week i had been uni’ing HEAPS on my Nimbus 20 and hadnt used my road bike for about a week - possibly a bit more.
My uni sessions were between 1hour and 1 and a half hours, in these sessions i had been tryna hop, doing stairs, drops, SIF etc along with some plain riding.
On thursday i took my roadie out for my usual 45km ride, this takes about 1hr40, on returning i realised something… I had hardly even built up a sweat and the hills i rode didnt seem as bad anymore, I actually felt i coulda done it all again!
From this i feel that uniing is a much better work out, it may leave you a bit sore, but at least you know you’ve used your muscles.
I used to turn to my roadie for fitness and fun, and the uni just for fun… after this i now turn to the uni for fitness AND fun:)
The uni is a win all round:D