3-legged novelty unicycle?

LikeableRodent posted a thread in Just Conversation showing a 31-legged race in Japan. That brought up the obvious question of how to do a 3-legged race on unicycles.

Has anyone made a novelty unicycle (ok, technically a dicycle) that is two unicycles side by side with a rigid attachment at the inside pedals? It would be an interesting novelty “tandem” unicycle (ok, technically a tandem dicycle).

more fun, cheaper and probably easier to ride would be to tie the inside shoelaces together. I can forsee such races at WunschKonzert after the beer pong…

no harm can come from that! :slight_smile:

Sounds more like a tricycle

Cpouldn’t be done. It’s scientifically impossible. Like bees flying, or humans travelling at more than 100 miles an hour without exploding. Ridiculous!

a little different, but simulair: I tried once with Amy Shields to both do the side-ride, both on the same unicycle (so logically: one person on each side; so it requires someone who can do the side ride with the opposit leg as you).
We discovered that it IS possible, but timing of the mount is hard, plus the riding (‘the push’) doesn’t go like 1ft’ed, but just as regular riding with 2 ft. In few minutes we came already to 1.75 revolution.

Yes…tricycle. :stuck_out_tongue: