3 flats in two weeks!

I dont under stand the problem i am having and hopefully some one can help me. my uni is ALWAYS in my car. it goes where i go as i ride everyday when ever i have some time. but recently its been “popping” though the night or something. i’ll ride it one day and when i go to ride the next, FLAT. i’m getting tired of buying new tubes. this was never an issue with any of my other unis i’v had. I ride an alien bf. the wheel set is stock. any one else had a problem? Is it the heat through the windows maybe?

what pressure do you run the tires at? If it’s an alien, then you can’t be running the pressure high enough that it would be popping the tire out of the bead from a little heat, that’s hard to do with a racing wheel, the air leaks out before you will bust a tube like that.

I know you’ve done this, but check the obvious, any sharp items in the car? More importantly, if you have a flat again soon check the rimstrip to see if the nipples are poking though, and check the side of the rim for burrs that could have been created while doing trials. Lastly, next time you change your tire, dust the tube with some baby powder (put it in a plastic baggy, shake it up, then remove and shake the tube a little to remove the excess) This could help prevent any pinch flats when you put the tube back on, and perhaps while riding. (This has long been argued over, better to do it if you’re having problems) . . .

lastly, check to see if you’re not running pressure TOO low, then you could be bottoming out (which can create pinch flats and burrs on the rim that can pop the tube)

don’t buy new tubes, patches are easy to use and cheap. I’ve seen a tube that had 10,000 miles on it on a b*ke, 5 patches and going strong. (exception being running a 29er tube with a 36" tire)

Where is the tire going flat? Find that and you’ll find what’s causing it. My guess would be a spoke hole, or else there’s something stuck in the tire that you haven’t found.

STILL GETTING FLATS! regularly, at least once a week. I put electrical tape around the whole inside of my rim. Still getting flats. the last two seemed to be in the same spot. About 2 inches away from the valve on the inside of the tube. i checked the rim and tire and don’t see or feel anything. I am getting fed up! New wheel set?

this is kind of classic >_< (happens to A LOT of people) You have something in your tire, and even though you may not see it at first does not mean its not there, do a very through inspection of your tire, always run a new tube.

You may way to try putting a tube with a whole in it and put it on, pump it up and stay down the tire with soapy water, i would recommend not using the tube but… we use tubes. Thats how they do car flats, and they ALWAYS find a reason for the flat or it does not go back on the car.

Some of the obvious answers have been mentioned. Carefully feel the inside of the tire when you replace the tube, there could be a thorn or something still in it. Check the rim strip and make sure it is protecting your tube from the spoke ends. These are the common things…

Is it hot where you live? I have had tires blow out from the heat in the car and wouldn’t leave my uni in it during the summer.

I think I am the flat tire record holder though.

The above advice is good.
The location of the hole in your tube tells you where on your rim or tire the problem is. Keep tube, tire, and rim aligned when you remove them. Maybe even mark them with chalk.

you ride every day? => land smoother or get more pressure in your tube
you ride 3 times in 2weeks => change your tube :wink:


Bahahahhahaaa. Really? Another flat? And you broke a spoke?

Yes I’m tired of my back flip, never had so many problems. I want to go back to my KH but need a frame.

I’m in Washington so it’s not really hot here. It’s hotter anywhere else but here I’m sure.

Thank you for all the advice but I have literally done all of it. Except landed smoother. I do ride every day but I rarely had flats on my other wheelset. I have found the hole lined it up with the rim and tire and checked it thouraly. I even like I said lined my rim with electrical tape. I don’t know. If I ever figure it out I will post the problem.

By the way every flat is a brand new tube.

So last time i got a flat i put electrical tape on my rim. This made this stand out more i didn’t notice it before. In one section of the tire,(where it seems to be popping), the rim strip is not directly centered and with the tape on there i can really notice the edge. its rubber so it’s not a sharp edge but an edge none the less. i will put more tape on that section and hope it solves the problem. Am i right in assuming thats what is the elusive flat causing problem?

What tubes are you running? And are the flats at the bottom of the wheel when you’re landing?

Generic 20" 1.75-2.125 tubes. Never had a problem before. It’s near the bottom but not exactly.

Dude, there’s probably something stuck in your tyre. Take it off, turn it inside out and really look in the region where the punctures are occurring. If it’s a puncture (like a small hole), rather than a torn tube, it should be easy to tell if the puncture is from the rim side, or tyre side, just look where it is. It’s probably lodged in the tyre and only protrudes when you put pressure on it (like when you ride)

I doubt that rim tape edge would cause a flat, but if it did, you would see the hole/abrasion/tear in the inside of the tube, facing the rim strip.

Do the holes in your popped tubes all look the same?

When you install a new tube, do you first inflate it a touch just to give it its shape? Then position it into the tire.
Once the tire is on, inflate it some more, grab the tire and pull/twist/yank to make sure its getting seated properly and the tube isn’t getting pinched. Inflate more and repeat until it’s at the desired pressure.

It’s a mystery. But I’d bet it’s some tiny wire or thorn that’s not pushing through until you put some good force on it.

This. I had the same basic problem with my first uni. Come to find out it was a small sliver of sheet metal stuck in my tire. I couldn’t see it from either side when the tire was just sitting. However, once I turned it inside out and put pressure onto each spot I noticed a small shiny fleck. It was wedged in there in such a way that when I rolled over a bump or landed on the spot that the sheet metal sliver was it would protrude and slice my tube. Took me about 2 weeks to figure it out.