3.7/ KH conversion

:astonished: Stupid questions about to come… beware! :astonished: Can the new 3.7 tyre fit into a kh frame? I’m guessing not, but it seems like the frame width is enough to fit 4" in there, or is it the clearance part of this that doesn’t make it? Or both? Could you get a 29" KH frame and put the 26 by 3.7 tyre on it? Or a 24" frame and put a 24" by 3.7 tyre in it? Has anyone tried?

if you speak of the 3.7 listed earlier it will fit the KH 29er frame privided that the width of the frame is compatible and only the 24rim will fit the 26 beccomes a 29er due to the massivity(is that a word?) of the tyre…hope that helps


I dont think the 24x3.7 has come out yet.

Its possible, I don’t have a new kh frame to actually measure though. Also bear in mind that the 3.7" tyre relates to tread width and the actual distance between the sidewalls on each side may be as much as 4". Its worth trying, but I wouldn’t bet much on it without checking first… Since the only 3.7" tyre is for a 26" wheel you’d need to use a 29" KH frame.


The overall width of the tire is 3.7" (94mm) on the Large Marge rim at 30psi. The tire is widest at the sidewall…not at the edge of the tread. Flattened out, the tread measures 4" (102mm) across.


Ah sorry, my mistake. I assumed the 3.7" measure was tread width while inflated, and the sidewalls were wider than that. Thanks for clearing that up Dave.


I could try it, but im not spending the money to find out! It seems like it would work tho. I have an 05 kh frame and im pretty sure it is at least 4" across. If the KH 29 frame is the same across i don’t see why it wouldn’t work.