3.5 second video

If you’ve never seen a seat-in-back 180 uni-spin, now’s your chance. (Click here!)
If you have, nevermind.


ps cheers karbo

I have never seen a seat-in-back 180 uni-spin. That was nuts karbo!! That was a solid clean little sound it made too when you did the spin. Thanks for the show. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

What!! im not going to even download this seen so im on 56k. i thought it wud be sum small file for 3.5 seconds!

Wud be nice to watch, any smaller versions?


its only 1.22 mb

that was totally cool dude! i think i watched it like ten times in a row, i just kept clicking the play button. i wonder if there’s some kinda loop option… :slight_smile:

what’s going on with the download ? it’s not possible to download the file…


Won’t let me watch it, when I click on the like it say something like Bad Gateway.I want to see so bad!

Try right-clicking on it and select the “save link as” option. However, if you still have trouble, then it’s probably because of the underscore in the hostname of that URL. According to standards, an underscore is not allowed in a hostname. Here’s another URL for that file: http://home.att.net/~uni_cyclist/Seat_In_Back_180.mpg

“The New Old Skool” is Colin Schworer, the person in the video. Him and Bill Karbo have been working on that trick.

I was wondering who that was. Obviously not Karbo. Cool trick! But the strict judge in me (I learned from Dana Schneider) says that’s a seat-in-back touching body 180 unispin. No less cool by any means. The coolest part is that he appears to be doing it sight-unseen (he can’t see the pedals).

:astonished: I cant believe i just watched that. I had to watch it several times to believe it. Its got me wondering if there are many other mpegs like that one which feature fancy tricks on unicycles. To the performer of that trick, all i can say is that i am in awe of your achievment.
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DUDE! That was so cool! And it was, like, a rolling unispin, or something, because you didn’t use a few prehops like with a normal one.

Utterly, utterly amazing! Do you have any other similar videos for us? Personally I appreciated the nice video quality even though I am also on 56k. Kepp up the good work.


Thanks Gilby, that worked. And Colin, AWESOME!