3.0 Tires


I am wondering what 24"x 3.0" tire would be the best for me:

-I want to ride both MUni and Trials, especially Urban Trials.

Does anyone know of a tire that would take that kind of abuse…perhaps something low price that’s still bouncy and very wide, yet disposable (hence the concrete jungle of urban trials riding)? I will mention that I do ride technical and extreme, well a mix of the two…the equipment I have has withstood mounds of punishment, and I am now ready for a 3.0 DH tire.

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Re: 3.0 Tires

I think the Nokian Gazzaloldi is pretty much the standard 24x3.0 tire especially for trials on a 24" wheel but they’re expensive at $60.00 USD per. I have one and I’m very pleased with it- quite bouncy. I’ve read here on rsu that the Arrow Savage DH tire isn’t too bad either and much less expensive (about $25.00 USD) but I doubt it’s as good for trials. Maybe someone here who uses one can comment on it in regards to trials riding?


6.5 weeks post op. 4.5 months to go before I ride… but who’s counting. :roll_eyes:

Another option, if you can afford the initial expense, is to get a second wheel built up for your urban riding. Put a Gazz on your muni wheel and a slick tire like the Fireball or the Hoggy-G on the urban wheel. Swap wheels depending on what type of riding you’re going to do. This saves wear and tear on the Gazz and gives you a better tire for urban stuff. But a second wheel can get rather spendy, especially if you’re using a Profile hub.

Barring that, you could try the Arrow Racing Savage tire. That tire is much less expensive than the Gazz so you won’t feel as guilty about wearing it down quickly by riding urban with it.

im using the arrow and its been great for both!

there is also the Arrow wide bite this tyre has a better “hybrid” tread than most 3.0 tyres and is priced inbetween the Gazz and the cheap Arrow Savage tyre.

the Savage i think has less threads per inch,which makes it cheaper but more prone to flats and roll over…

Dont forget that the Gazz is a tank of a tyre and rides like crap on pavment.very nice off-road though.