3.0 Fireball...or 2.5 hookworm?

I’m thinking about getting a 24" hookworm for my upcoming 24" wheel (the yellow <–closest colour to yellow…unless Darren powdercoats in burlywood) yellow one)

I know I am gonna get a urban tire for the 24"…these are the ones I’m considering.

Keeping in mind I’ll be doing the majority of my trials with my trials uni, or more commonly known as ‘TUni’ , does the 3" tire offer any ‘real’ advantages?

I just figure because the hookworm is cheaper, and in stock (at the show…i’m not fussy on ordering from the US when I don’t need to)

So…is the Fireball worth the wait and additional cost? And why?

Anyone using the Hookworm?

I’d go for the Hookworm until the 3G Hoggy-G tire is available. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a Hoggy-G in a couple of months (distribution and stuff is still in the process of getting setup). The Hoggy-G is a slick 24x3 tire for custom cruiser type bikes. Estimated retail price is around $30 (USD). The sidewall on the tire says 3.45 but it is not that wide. It is more like 2.6 or 2.7 which is similar to the width of 3" DH tires. See <http://www.3gbikes.com/>

I don’t like the way the Fireball is being scalped. I have no desire to pay inflated prices like that for a tire.

Re: 3.0 Fireball…or 2.5 hookworm?

What? How is it more commonly Tuni? Its deffenatlly more commonly Uni(cycle) Trials.

I had the chance to briefly ride on Joe Merrill’s Fireball and I was impressed. Although it felt huge compaired to my 20" Monty.

I think its probably they way to go with trials tires currently on a 24". The HOG tire john was talking about also looks great and will cost alot less than a fireball. Hopefully one day I’ll have the money to own all of these things :smiley:

I dont know about the hookworm, but the round profile doesnt look as good for trials in my opinion.

I simply wanted to remind everyone how cool TUni sounded.


I’d think of the Hookworm as a fat Freestyle tyre that you can let a bit of air out of to make an OK trials tyre. It is very round, and seems good for spinning, but perhaps a bit tipsy for wheel walking.

The Fireball is… worth building a cycle around. Max! Max! Where’s Max? my throught is dry… I’ll let him cheer-leed the FB, as he is actively using his for trials. (it’s perfect, ok? not too soft in the sidewall, relatively flat at the proper pressure with a cool rib the runs along the edge- all you need to go to rubber on a target).


Re: Re: 3.0 Fireball…or 2.5 hookworm?

The Hoggy-G also has a round profile. It’s similar to a Ritchey Moby only a lot fatter. It remains to be seen how well the Hoggy-G will work for trials. It may turn out that the Fireball is better for trials or maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see. For general around town cruising the Hoggy-G should be better than the Fireball. The flat and square profile on the Fireball makes it harder to weave and turn.

I’ll get to take another look at the Hoggy-G this weekend at the Seattle Bike Expo.

In Toronto we actually use TUni as an abbreviation for Toronto Unicyclists! :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree.


scalped, schmalped

you just have to get lucky like i did. after taking a spin on Sr. AirBourne’s fireball, i proceeded to snag one on ebay for 35 plus shipping.

there are others selling them besides the guy with the Buy It Now for 50 bucks.

not that i’m talking down the Hoggy-G… that still looks like one sweet tire.

been a while,
John M

Quiet, I was at practice, RIDING! Anyway, I love the fireball for trials and all around cruising. The fireball also has a vastly greater volume than the Hooky, and I think it grips on the edges better. But if cost is an issue (or you want it to be an issue), and it’s not going to be your main trials wheel, or you want to to be move maneuverable the hook might be better off. The rounded profile really does help the turning. But the volume eally helps the jumping. I cant decide for you, and you would be better off taking time to consider your options, and then deciding. as for the Hoggy-G I cant say anything other than It should be good, and maybe you could be one of the first unicycle testers of it? could happen.

Re: 3.0 Fireball…or 2.5 hookworm?

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003 20:26:50 -0600, Sofa
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>I simply wanted to remind everyone how cool TUni sounded.
You’ve reminded me that TUni is not cool, and it’s not hot either. It
is a misfit nothingword. All of this does not apply to Toronto
Unicyclists of course.

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i couldn’t find any recent reviews or threads on this topic, so i resurrected this thread.

any update on the hoggy-g? i’m in the market for a trials/general purpose wheelset. i realized that a knobby is incredibly unrealistic for town use. i have a 24" with 170 mm cranks that i would probably switch out to get 150s. i’m specifically interested in what anybody found out about the hoggy-g as a trials unit. hookworm or hoggy-g? they are both around the same price, i think.

if i were to do the switch, what would be the benefits to buying a new rim and wheelset altogether, to keeping my dx-32 rim and swap out the cranks and tire?


Thanks for ressurecting this post. Since the post’s conception, I have tried out both tires. Fireball wins handsdown. I like it so much that it’s gona be my next tire. Hoggy G or not


I prefer the fireball… a lot of that is the fact that it just looks so darn cool, with the flame tread and the white writing on the sides. Smooth with a capital “Smoo”.

I found it takes a few goes to get the pressure right. Too hard and it’s awful to turn and is hard work on a cambered surface; too soft and you can see the sidewalls crease like paper. But once you’ve got it right it rolls silently, bounces marvellously and is generally all round funky.


When the Hoggy G becomes available as a separate item (rather than part of a complete bike) I’m pretty sure unicycle.com will be carrying it. You could contact them for a status or update on when the tire should be available.

The good news on the Fireball is that the price has gone down on eBay. The tire is still more expensive than it was when Dyno was still in business, but at least now it’s low enough that you don’t feel like you were mugged by a thug while buying it.

The eBay seller is bac2the50s. He’s selling it for $55 if you use the “buy it now” feature. And if you use the “buy it now” he throws in a 24x2.75 Duro tube (about a $10 value) which takes some of the sting out of the price. I finally broke down and got an eBay account so I could buy the tire. I’m still going to get a Hoggy G when it becomes available. I’ll try both tires and use the one that I like best.

Here’s a link to one of the auctions for the Fireball

Two questions on the FB:

  1. I’ve noticed several references to using the tire for trials…is that the primary use, or is it more for just bombing around on pavement?
  2. As a 3", does it even fit some of the standard cheepo 24" uni frames like Torker, Cycle Design, Savage, or have those of you with FBs been buying either custom or 26" frames?
    Thanks, Tom

hm… so the fireball is well liked. however, i don’t know if i want to shell out that much. as a comparison between hoggy-g and the hookworm, which one wins?

Not many people have had the opportunity to ride the Hoggy G on a unicycle. unicycle.com got a sample Hoggy G tire to play with so they’re the best ones to ask about how it rides and how it compares to the Hookworm.

I have seen the Hoggy G on a bike. It has more volume than the Hookworm and taller sidewalls. The sidewalls on the Hoggy G are thinner than the Hookworm. I suspect that the Hoggy G will have a softer ride and more bounce than the Hookworm, but that’s just a guess from poking and proding the tire while it was on a bike.

I hope the Hoggy G becomes available soon. I want to try one.

The Hoggy G should be somewhere around the $30 price range, I hope.