2nd time going downhill

I went to a place called Kvarntorpshögen today with my KH24, it’s located near my city in Sweden.
I got some shots and put together a short video.
It’s a really fun spot and I guess it’ll be even more fun when I buy myself a brake!

I noticed that I managed to use one shot two times but now the video is already rendered and I wont do it again haha! :smiley:

Nice video! (I liked that you kept trying until you nailed that last section!)

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Looks really like a nice spot to ride !!! I envy you :wink:

Thanks for sharing, you managed to have nice camera angles that makes for a good video.

Keep it up !

Are you sure that it was the 2nd time? :wink: Nice work bro. :sunglasses: