2nd issue of the new French Uni Magazine

I forgot to tell you about the last issue of our magazine “Le Girafon Fédéré” (magazine of the French Uni Federation), that came out in November.

It’s online here :

I did not answer to the post for the first issue since I was on holidays:

Thanks for those comments. I hope you’ll like this one as well.
It is not possible to translate them since it is already so much work.
Only the interviews had been done in English and then translated into French



That looks really awesome-
I speak a bit of french, at least enough to get a general idea of what they are talking about, and it sounds solid. I am surprised by it’s length, it’s really impressive. Get someone to translate/summarize and it would sell over here, too…

Good idea… but it would take a lot of time! Gonna talk about it with my english speaking fellows… If we are 3 or 4 translators that should be possible within a couple of weeks (I guess).

Any other people would be interested in reading the french unicycling news?

About the content, we can’t be sure that the next “girafon” will be so long… We don’t even know when it is published:o

I speak no french. But damn what pretty pictures! haha. So much trials i love it. Nice work and thanks for sharing.

What about utilizing one of the translation softwares that are available?

I have no experience with them, though. I have used them to help translate some posts on the German message board, but the word order gets all twisted around. So, I don’t know what would happen in a full version.

It may also be expensive.

Nice work on doing this. It might set an example for a British, Austrailian, Canadian, or American mag.

Nice work!!


Wow! Nice magazine! Wish I could read it…

Thats how I wish the USA mag would be. All they had in the issue I got yesterday was a million low quality pictures of people at NAUCC riding around in a gym…doing nothing. Hardly any good action shots. The USA mag also seems prejudiced towards extreme unicycling… they seem stuck on freestyle.

there is a German Unicycling Magazine being planned and at a later stage it should also be produced in english,

Mike’s been working on something here in the UK that looks amazing, I’ve been lucky enough to take a peek at the preview copy and it looks like it should be a big hit. Prelim website (just a placeholder image of the mag cover) here.


Dear An’So,
Wow, that is some magazine!! The world’s best for sure. I just wish I could read French better (to see for sure what you wrote about us!) Do you know the German Juggling magazine called Kascade? It is so excellent because it is available in 4 languages. Yours has so much text - it would be very difficult to translate.

Anyway, keep up the great work - see you next summer.


OH… my…

Picture 1.png


what a fantastic magazine! And I’m in both issues.:smiley: Not on the uni, though.:frowning: Shame that I don’t understand French.

It’s such a waste of creativity and energy that the “sorry-no-French”-guys can’t read all those interesting articles. I guess, the same will apply to the (upcoming) English and German magazines. So how about cooperating? Translating an article should need less effort than writing it. That could lead to magazines with more international background and easier publication on a regular basis, in a language that you would understand.

I would subscribe such a magazine immediately!


here is YOnicycle’s main paragraph translated from English to German to French to English, using Google’s language tool:
It is a such wasting of the creativity and energy which "Traurig-kein-French"halteseile cannot read all these interesting articles. I estimate, applies me the same one in (upcoming) English and German reviews. Thus as on cooperating? The translation of an article should require less effort than the letter him. That could lead to reviews with a more international background and a simpler publication regularly, in a language which you would understand.

You can get the gist of what is being said but if you want to know exactly, it’s got to be done by a human, preferably professional.
With more informal writing, and slang words the translations get even more nonsensical. A UK newspaper has a regular humourous translation slot, using exactly the above process on famous quotations.

Some professional translators will only translate into their native tongue as a miniscule error can make a big difference.

Edit - forgot to say - another lovely issue, keep it up!

Glad to know you liked it!

You don’t have a date for your next article? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you soon.:smiley:

The first issues had 28 pages each. Of course less events occur during winter but I love reading so I’ll try to find people to write articles or I’ll write long articles (sorry, my articles are probably a bit long, I can’t write short articles).
We try to publish the magazine maybe every 4 months. But since it is free, we have no obligation. This is one of the reasons for a free magazine. Another reason is we want everybody to have the opportunity to read it, it’s a way to develop the uni in FRance.

For the translation, it’s going to be hard: this is the mag of the FRench Federation, so made first of all for our members, talking about what happens in FRance. Our goal is to develop the French Federation.
The tone of this magazine is really important because it represents the “FRench Uni”, a way of seing the things, with “french uni” humour… The poem, the humoristic column, the editorial and lots of articles will be very hard to translate. Without this way of writing, these articles will probably be boring.
I’m not saying it is not possible, I’m saying it is hard and our goal is not to write an international mag. But some people will, and I would be glad to help them.

Nathan, yes, I know Kaskade. I used to read it when I was in the “juggling world” because I hadn’t found other unicyclists. I remember Kaskade was having a hard time to find translators for the French translation. It is, indeed, a great magazine. It’s a professional and international magazine, you pay for that (it was too expensive for me), and you have professional articles.
We do not change anything (for the moment) in the articles we receive except spelling and grammar mistakes.

In a way, I’ll love to do that kind of work, translation, because, for me, the sharing of experiences about uni between countries is very important. But this is not my priority since there is so much work to do before it for the French Federation.
However, on our forum, people are talking about it:
So maybe you’ll find your translators


PS: Nathan, I realized with the Alps Tour article how difficult it is to write a report without mistakes, specially when you’re late and writing in French about protagonists who are not French so they can’t pre-read your article. I wanted to check things about you but I was too late. I hope it was correct (ask Jonh :smiley: to be sure). Good to know you plan to come to the Unicon! :slight_smile:

I’ve just read An’So’s link in English through an online translator - absolutely hilarious and barely comprehensible!

Me too. The layout and pictures were beautiful, and it seemed to cover a nice range of topics, in good detail.

Actually the USA mag, On One Wheel, is prejudiced toward what the editor has available. Nobody sent him anything, so he had to use his own pictures and memories of NAUCC. Please send him more stuff, for better balanced coverage of the world of unicycling!

Unicycling Society of America, Inc.
P.O. Box 790
North Bend, WA 98045

Great find! I’ve tried brushing up my French with Rosetta Stone, but it makes me feel like a five year old. After having a quick look at the English translation, it seems like this might be something that keeps my interest.