2nd Hand Coker Tyre UK

well i am quite new to unicycling and i have just bought a coker frame (just bought the frame as i needed the short persons frame, designed for me!:slight_smile: ) just that now i cant ride it much as Des is always hogging his wheel and wont let me use it!LOL.

Roger (unicycle.uk.com) has got all the pieces i need to build up a wheel apart from the tyre, which wont be in for about another 3months.
not wanting to wait that long to be riding i was wondering if anyone has got a spare coker tyre they could lend me (until roger gets stock) or that i could buy off them? i dont mind if its worn as it will just be a temporay measure unitl Roger gets new ones.
i am in the UK

Thanks in Advance

Hey Gemma.

Its Joe here (we met at Mostyn!)

I hope you get a tire! I dont have one… sorry! :frowning:

i’m looking forward to seeing you and Des over christmas hols! :slight_smile:

Take care, and good luck finding a tire!



You could try classic/american car tyre suppliers, sound silly I know but that is what coker make and these suppliers sometimes have the unicycles (and may have a tyre !).

This is one a found doing a quick google for coker tyre


If you look under “Automobilia” there are links to the unicycles so it would be worth a quick email to see if they have any tyres in stock. :smiley: