2nd giraffe project

My 2nd ‘raffe project is a chrome-moly 6’ chromed frame with custom hollow bb, 140mm alloy cranks, 34/32 chainrings, quality 3/32" chain, and custom spider / removable chainring assembly attached to alloy track hub (with permanent thread locker). Rides smooooth as can be!


Close-ups of the cranks & sprocket assembly:


cranks with FSA alloy chainring



Very nice indeed!

Looks like you’ve got a Torker saddle on it. Is this a good seat for giraffes? How does it handle the stresses of ground-falls?

Does anyone else have any opinions on the best saddle for a giraffe?

the Torker seat on this one is new, so i don’t yet have a cracked rear bumper like i do with the seat on my 5’ Torker (on which i learned). i’ve been handling this one more carefully, as i’m interested in its durability. no doubts, just interested with all the alloy parts. complete weight for the 6 footer is 14 lbs.

just came across another interesting idea for a raffe hub…in the bike trials world, they have gone to a fixed cassette rear hub with a front freewheel chainring, to move more weight under the rider. here’s an example of a fixed cassette hub:


this echo hub has 82mm flange width, you can use 3/32" or 1/8" bmx cogs, and it would be super easy to change the cog because it just slips over the cassette. also you could adjust chain alignment with spacers.
Dave S., what do you think?

I dropped a 5ft giraffe from a UPM (unplanned mismount)

(nothing to bad, just a giraffe going from upright to flat)

That bumper shattered.

That is a very pretty ride indeed!