2nd draft of rec.unicycling RFD


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                   REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION

Newsgroup: rec.unicycling Status: unmoderated Distribution: world Previous
RFD: November 14, 1992. The vote failed and the unicycling mailing list was
created as a result. Summary: Discussion on all aspects of unicycling, with a
gateway to the unicycling mailing list. Proposed by: Ken Fuchs
<kfuchs@winternet.com> Beirne Konarski <bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu> Cross postings:
news.announce.newgroups, news.groups, rec.juggling, rec.bicycles.misc, and the
unicycling mailing list, unicycling@mcs.kent.edu


For the discussion of all aspects of unicycling, including:

Riding unicycles: Various methods of learning to ride a unicycle. Learning
different unicycling skills. The 10 Achievement Skill Levels. The potential
dangers of riding various types of unicycles. Unicyclists: Personal
experiences. The benefits of riding, improved physical, mental, ... state.
Sometimes dramatic improvements in self-esteem. How to make unicycling
better for everyone. Unicycles: The theory of operation. Maintenance.
Different types. Design. Organizations: International Unicycling
Federation. Unicycling Society of America. Other national unicycling
organizations. Local unicycling clubs. Conventions, Competitions, and
Shows: IUF's UNICON (UNIcycling CONvention). USA's NUC (National Unicycling
Convention). Regional unicycling conventions. Local conventions or shows.
Choreographed artistic riding: Individual standard skill (rigid rules
performing rules). Individual freestyle. Pairs freestyle. Group standard
skill. Group freestyle. Unicycle racing: Timed fast speed racing (fastest
wins). Timed slow speed racing (slowest wins). Distance or time endurance.
Racing tips and techniques. Unicycle sports: Hockey. Basketball. Sumo
wrestling. Other sports. History about unicycling: Unicycling and
unicyclists since the beginning (around 1880). Who was the first person to
invent or perform a certain skill. Who was the first person to ride a
certain type of unicycle. Publications: The Unicycle Book. The Complete
Book of Unicycling. Other books. IUF's Unicycling Magazine. USA's On One
Wheel. Electronic Publications: Unicycling FAQ (ftp or html), attached at
the end of this RFD. Mailing list / Newsgroup archives (<a href="ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu">ftp.mcs.kent.edu</a>
/pub/Unicycling/) Unicycling Home Page
(<a href="http://nimitz.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk/">http://nimitz.mcs.kent.edu/~bkonarsk/</a>) Other ftp files (<a href="ftp://ftp.mcs.kent.edu">ftp.mcs.kent.edu</a>
/pub/Unicycling/) Notification of various unicycling events.

Proposed newsreader description line:

rec.unicycling Never more than one wheel on the ground.


The traffic on the Unicycling Mailing List has been so great that numerous
people have unsubscribed. The only reasonable way to deal this huge traffic
for many people is the creation of a related newsgroup, rec.unicycling.

We are also looking for greater exposure to the internet and other global
network communities that a USENET newsgroup would provide.


We are planning to get a mailing list to USENET newsgroup gateway for those
mailing list users who either prefer a mailing list interface or do not have
access to a rec USENET domain news feed.

We plan to develop a group of subject keywords that should be used in the
Subject header of a post, so posts can be easily selected or unselected by a
newsreader or e-mail program by subject content.


The name should probably be rec.unicycling, to match the directly related
Unicycling Mailing List. This is also in line with rec.juggling, from whence
most other readers of the new group will probably come. We also prefer the
name to be an activity, rec.unicycling, to emphasize the personal interaction
involved, rather than be the name of our primary equipment, rec.unicycle(s).


The discussion period will be from December XXth, 1994 to January XXth, 1995.

Please post all discussion in news.group.

If a consensus is reached by the end of the discussion period, a CFV (Call for
Votes) will be posted at that time. The voting period will last for 21 days.

<Attach Unicycling Mailing List FAQ here>

This is by no means the final draft of the rec.unicycling RFD, so please send me
your comments, both negative and positive, from both a users perspective and
USENET (administration) perspective, etc.

This RFD is based on work Terry Jones <terry@santafe.edu> did before he created
the Unicycling Mailing List early in 1993. Thanks Terry!

Some input from the Unicycling Access Poll:

About 30 of you have responded after just 1 day! I’m waiting for the
rest of you.

One person is thinking about quiting the list, because it’s “turning into a
typical usenet group: 90% fluff, and 10% information.” and the volume is too
great. I’ve made more than a few email sending mistakes that has contributed to
the fluff. I’m sorry and I’m sure others are too. Concerning dealing with the
volume, creating rec.unicycling may be our best option.

Another person was concerned that many college students would be on Christmas
Break when the CFV (Call for Votes) is issued and may not be able to vote. This
shouldn’t be a problem. The official RFD (Request for Discussion) hasn’t
occurred yet and there is a minimum of 21 days for both the Discussion and
another minimum of 21 days for the Voting. Some college students and others
might miss the Discussion, because of Christmas, but they should be back in
plenty of time to vote.


Ken Fuchs <kfuchs@winternet.com