2nd Day

Ok people, I dont mean to boast but I RODE 90 METERS TODAY!
I have witnesses! Its been the 2nd day and I’ve gone far! Im so happy! Whats the next level?

oh, and any suggestions for the “sitting on your balls” problem? Its driving me nuts, literally! I don’t think a cup would make it better.


lol … good 4 u!

I’d stick to running around the block or to the store to build confidence. :smiley:
Then learn to mount it without assistance.

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Re: 2nd Day

On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 22:19:38 -0500, “ParadoX” wrote:

>Whats the next level?

Level 1, really. Because it includes freemounting, and gracefully
dismounting with the unicycle in front. Also, riding 90 m once is
different from riding 50 m under judging eyes, with only one failure
allowed (including the mount and dismount).

Not at all meaning to talk down your achievement though. It took me 5
weeks to ride that far!

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