2nd annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival (2003)

Hope you don’t mind that this isn’t uni.

I got a couple messages from the Cascade Juggler’s list. I’ve taken out the last names but the rest of the messages and links are here:

Hi all,

I just got off the phone with Alex Z., from the Brothers From Different Mothers, talking about the festival that they (he and Matt B.) are running in Seattle, November 14-16. It’s a combination Footbag (hackysack) and juggling festival. This is the second year that they’ve done it. I went last year, and it was a blast. IIRC, It had more people than the Seattle fest did this summer, and had a much larger space for juggling. It’s at the University of Washington, in a gym. There’s more information on the web site http://www.Footbag.org/events/show/1064260799 . Alex told me that there’s a performer in the public show (which they’ve got a theater for, instead of just the gym like last year) that he assures me will win the IJA within the next 5 years with his amazing new juggling. I don’t know anything more about him than that, just that he does some highly original stuff very well.
Right now, there’s a lot more footbaggers committed to coming than jugglers. This needs to be fixed. So everyone reserve November 14-16 on your calendars for the 2nd Annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag festival! I can’t wait!

-Steve B.

Hey Stephen and the Cascade Jugglers,

Thanks Stephen for pumping up the Festival. I just wanted to encourage everyone to come to Hec-ed this November. We are looking forward to a really fun festival. It’s already shaping up to be much better than last year.
The public show will be in Pigott auditorium on Seattle University campus (Capitol Hill) The Checkerboard guy has agreed to MC and we already have Christian S. (http://www.humanjazz.com ) and the legendary Artis the Spoonman as performers in the show. As far as the juggler Stephen mentioned, I’m actually not sure if he’ll be performing but we do have some other great acts that we are close to securing for the show.
If anyone is interested in teaching a workshop we would love to hear about it and try to incorporate it into the festival.

We also have another, more professional website online at http://www.cortitech.com/SJFF03/index.html

Please let me know if anyone has any questions or would like to volunteer.

Thanks and happy juggling,

Alex Z.


2nd annual Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival Update

Update for those interested:

Hey there jugglers,

Dan Holtzman of the Raspyni Brothers had just informed me that he will be attending this year’s Festival. Dan is a great juggler and a great comedian and will be teaching a comedy writing workshop during the Festival. Yay!

I also wanted to let people know that posters and flyers for the Festival and Show are available. If anyone would like me to mail them some posters or flyers just send me your address.

I can’t wait to see everyone next weekend!!

-Alex Z
alexzerbe at comcast dot net