2nd Annual Richmond MUni Weekend???

a year ago mike and brian drove down to meet Hell on Wheel for a very enjoyable ride:


Hows about we try to get more people down this year?

I know most of you guys in our area are a few hours north and hesitate to make the drive, but both mike and brian can vouch that we have a great muni and trials spot.

As for date, I was thinking sometime in the week after new year’s, maybe Saturday, January 8th. I think all the college kids are still off school, which makes it a good time, not to mention that it lets us miss the holiday rush.

So post your thoughts! Hopefully we can get a good ride together!!!

for those of you who hate checking mapquest (does anyone hate chacking mapquest?) Richmond is about 2 hours south of DC.

Unfortunatlly for me I have class on the 5th of Jan.

Other than that I would deffenatlly drive back down to VA for a ride. This year I think I’d bring a trials uni though to mess around with on the rocks.

Re: 2nd Annual Richmond MUni Weekend???

I hate MapQuest, you can’t take it with you and the printed maps are way to small. I use Street Atlas, full page printed maps and it’s on both my laptop and my PDA, both with GPS. It knows where I am, tells me when to turn (Voice announced: “Turn left on Main Street, 7 tenths of a mile, 1 minute 35 seonds ahead.”) and, if I get off track tells me so and tells me how to get back. If you want to go somewhere else, you’ve got it right there with you. And you don’t need an internet connection.

If I don’t have surgery on the 7th, Richmond sounds like fun, I’ve been to Williamsburg many times, nice area, nice people. Where to stay?

I may try and make it (would love to). Have to see what family commitments will allow.

so mike, are you saying you have class to rebutt my statement that people are still on vacation or because you cannot make it? so, if you have class on friday would you not be able to make it up on saturday?

i just made up that date on the spot. i cannot attend if it is before christmas and i just figured that doing it new years weekend would be hard, but the date can be changed. if in fact it works best for the most number of people to do it before christmas then you guys can easily do it without me (but of course i would prefer a date that i could come :-D).

so if my date doesnt work but you still want to ride with a group of people, post a date that works for you.

also, mike, i am hoping to include much more trials in this year’s ride so bringng a trials is definitely a good idea.

Yea I think you just about summed up my argument there.

My problem isnt that I have class. Its that I have class In Pittsburgh and am no longer 2 hrs away, but now about 7 hrs from the event which doesnt make it practical to dive down to Richmond.

I’m cool with riding whenever I’m in town, I dont exactlly know when that will be but deffenatlly the few days between xmas and the 3rd are good.

Anyway dont plan your ride around me if I can make it I will if not oh well.


unless others are terribly against the idea, i am fine doing it Saturday the 1st or Sunday the 2nd. i guess people may not want to get up early on the 1st so Sunday may be better.

since i cant hope for more than a handful of people, we can easily switch the date to satisfy everyone’s schedule.

bump, because its an event and deserves a couple day on page 1.

I read over this like 20 times before i realised it was near me. I might be able to go depending on which job I get and if I have off.

ok guys–

here is what it looks like now.

WHEN Sunday Jan 2 2005
WHERE Richmond, Virginia
WHAT Trials ride and mini trials comp
WHY because its fun

if you guys want you can drive down sat night, sleep on the floor, and be ready to ride sun (obviously we would ride sat night too).

here are pics of the trials course we will ride
(it has been slightly expanded since)

what do you think now?

alright guys, just about a month until the ride.

is everyone happy with sunday the 2nd? also, everyone planning to attend is welcome to come the night before if they want.

the itinerary is not set, so i thought i would let you guys help me plan. we can:

A) ride muni at belle isle (there are some cool technical descents, but no long trails)

B) ride muni on the trails in the James River Park System that follow the river (trail is several miles long, somewhat technical, a lot of ups and downs)

C) ride natural trials at belle isle or nearby

D) have an informal trials competition at the trials park in our backyard

E) any combination of the above

F) any other suggestions welcome

assuming we can ride for most of the day we can do a combination of things. either muni option wont take longer than 2 or 3 hours. we could easily hop around on the trials course for 2 or 3 hours as well.

some of the people i have talked with are prefering to ride mainly trials, as the trails are not too extreme. i am perfectly happy with this, along with a few others who arent as interested in muni.

if it rains then muni wont be an option but we can still ride trials.

so if we can, lets start getting a tally of riders. if you want to make it, but have travel concerns or some other problem, just post it.

last year only two people not from richmond came down and it was still a great ride, so dont mistake a lack of interest for a lack of fun…

Count me in, of course. I would enjoy any combination of the above activities. We could also find urban trials lines around the Fan or downtown. Here’s a possible agenda:

Saturday, 1st, afternoon/evening: Play on Glazer Trials Park.

Sunday, 2nd, morningish: Go to Belle Isle, check out some technical muni, then do natty trials on the rocks.
If people are interested, we could split up and some go do the extended James River muni ride (I would be interested, and know the trails pretty well, but am happy either way). After lunch, if people still have energy, we can go back to Glazer Park.

Also, I can host a few unicyclists the night of the 1st and maybe the 2nd (if you can leave early on the 3rd).

Guys I’ll try to make it down. All I need is a ride, which I should be able to find. Count me in 80%. Anybody got a seat?

Lots of broken ones! Anyone else from SWAT gonna make it down? We could race coaster unis. On second thought, I wouldn’t want to embarass you guys by leaving your pewny 16" coaster uni in the dust.

i live in lynchburg (2hrs away)and should have a new kh20 by then. im not the best trials rider but id love to go. do you think we could get an iteniry. it might be better if it wasnt so close to new years. im gonna be skiing in snowshoe and might stop ijn richmond on the way home.

Hunter the 13 year old loser

I’m not sure that Richmond is on the way between Snowshoe and Lynchburg, but if you can make it out here then we’d love to have you. Most of the riding will probably be taking place Sunday morning/early afternoon.

its not really on the way, but i think thats the ony way i can make it

Pretty sure I can make it early Sunday morning.

I was just looking at the old threads, and I guess I missed this post a while ago. I havent checked the board for a while. I might be down for going, Richmond isnt too far from northern VA, only 2 hours. I am used to driving to shows in RVA from virginia tech (which is like 3 and a half hours).

Jan 2nd might work for me though, it depends on if I decide to go to NY or not.

OK guys count me in! This thing is only a couple weeks away!

I’ll try to come down either early Saturday or late Friday. The trouble is it’s a 6 hour bus ride for me, so if I wanna ride Saturday I’d have to leave mega early.

I’m assuming either the Glazer or Brown house is crashable for me? Also, can I throw you guys some cash and let you handle food? Lastly, can someone pick me up at Richmond bus terminal?

Here’s a tentative roster of who will/may be there.


Trip Glazer (muniracer)
John Glazer (johnglazer)
Frank Brown (Hell-on-Wheel)
Nick Mullen (grinspoon)
Kevin O’Brien (TheObieOne3226)


The rest of Hell on Wheel (sorry guys, I don’t know the ones who never ride, so ride!)
Mike Carroll (checkernuts)
Nick DiJohn (shadowuni)
Joe Graff (Onewheelwizzard)
Jim Vadala (JVTFM)
Nick Vadala (DigitalAttrition)
Tim Braun (Tim)
Brian Slater (brian.slater)
Grant (tennisgh)
Jason (1cube1wheel)
Brian Meley (munibooger)

If I missed you let it be known. There’s gotta be more Brians that wanna attend. And theres not a single Dave!