2nd Annual EMU Hockey Tournament, Derby 1st July '06

After mucho procrastinating on the choice of dates, with our heads well and truly stuck in the sand we , the EMU collective that is, have arrived at a date to repeat last years successfull hockey tournament. So on Saturday 1st July from 12.00pm to 6.00pm the East MIndlands Unicyclists (EMU’s) are proud to present their second annual unicycle hockey tournament. We’ll be playing hockey for 6 glorious hours with the tournament proper starting at 1.00pm. We’ll be having scratch teams so all abilities are welcome, if we get enough younger players we’ll also ensure that we have a couple of games that they can play in without being in fear of their lives. So come along and help us make it a great day

So this is your chance to recapture the joys of last years tournament
(last years tournament), good company, glorious sunshine and a post tournament barbecue, plenty of practice space. The entry fee will be about £5 and it will undoubtably be the best £5 you get the chance to spend all summer. So whether you want to practise for UniCon or just play some hockey join us in Derby on 1st July 2006 - Will post more details, directions etc shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you there

Roland & rest of the EMU’s

where is it?? england? usa?

how much is entry costs

Derby UK



thanks joe

I would say that if you look at the info under where his avatar would be if he had one, that says Derby, UK that would be a slight hint. :wink:

Well I’ve committed myself to driving half way across the country for it, so I’ll be there.


Excellent news Cathy - should be a great day.

Don’t be too hasty suggesting that the fact that I’m from Derby, UK means that the tournament is there :roll_eyes: Unicycle Dave may have suspected that I was some form of unicycle hockey impressario, the Don King of hockey promotions if you like, travelling the world putting on those big name hockey fixtures that the public want to see, however thats an idea of pure fantasy on my part - So as Joe said, its Derby in the UK ( at about 52.56 degrees North and 1.30 degrees West) will post up a link to the map shortly.


Great news to hear about the hockey Roland :smiley: , but it’s not looking too good for myself at the moment :frowning: . Wendy’s off the the States that weekend and so I might find it hard to disappear to Derby for the day. We’ll see :thinking:

This is NOT a thread hijack, so please DO NOT respond. I’ll be starting a separate thread soon, to tell you all there’s another hockey tournament on the 23rd Sept in Manchester (UK) :wink: I’ll say no more for the moment.


i am very known to make stupid mistakes

Well try and work the magic - what better way for Wendy to remmber you and Teo (sorry about the spelling:o ) that having some great father sun hockey in a sunny Derby. It’d be great if you can make but we’ll probably let you off if you can’t :roll_eyes:


Don’t forget this coming Saturday is hockey day in Derby.

Directions and everything up at


As Joe says - don’t forget it should be an excellent afternoon - it seems that we’ve got the sun booked and everything - its worth visiting the the site just to see that the depths that I have sunk to on web page quality although I think that this is the sign that I need to sit down and update it properly - so see you Saturday



I’m gutted - I can’t come :frowning:

My car is poorly. I have to sort it out, rather than drive across the country in it :frowning:


Bad luck Cathy - we’ll be sure to post a report of the great time the rest of us have - just got to make sure that you get it fixed so that that you can make the machester tournament in the Autumn - A fret not, we will definitely be doing the floodlit mid winter Derby tournament this coming year for the true hockey officianados out there - Full report to follow tomorrow of how it all goes