2ed uni(i thinkin Trails)

hey im lookin around 4 a 2ed uni i heard that for what i wont i should get a trails 200 or less perferablely
let me know what u sogest and what u thank is a rip off

i would save my money an buy the kh or onza because you will just end up buying a new one if you only spend 200

ya how much r thay and whats the major advanting

The advantage is that the hub, cranks, rim, etc. is way stronger so it can hold up to bigger drops, hops, and crashes. Also, it’s not called “trails” it’s called “trials.”

thanks for the info
im a realy bad speller
sry ill be more care full
well thanks alot

hey i gest looked at a kh $400 sry but i cant a ford that for a hobby im new at.what do u think about a United 20-inch Trials Cycle with Monty Wheel and Viscount Saddle
Price: $219.00 umm. ya well the review says that it and stand up to 3 ft drops and im only 110 pounds so im not like a fat boy going of jumps or nothin btw can u buy a bmx rim and put it on a uni cuz i can pike those things up for next to nothing

General rule, trash your first bike, then get a good one. It’s what most people tend to do. And I’m not sure about that $219 uni, but I think it has a cotterless hub as it can only stand 3 foot drops. I suggest you save a bit of money, and get either the KH or a “20 inch Qu-ax Trials with splined hub 2005”, can be found here:

I’ve had excellent experiences with Roland, and I’m sure he’ll help you in any way possible. Also, I own that Qu-ax uni, and it is simply amazing. The big fat 2.5" Creepy Crawler tire is amazing for anything you’re going to throw at it.

hey thank alot i think that look prity good but how much is that in the us dollar :thinking:

hey my bad i see were it has us dollers thank any oyher web sites for unis i only no of www.unicycle.com and the one above
thanks:D :smiley:

iv hear that what i think of as trials is reely street /trails

my frend hat that and broke the cranks in like a day (doing 5+ ft drops

torker dx 20???

I picked up the Nimbus 26" from unicycle.com the other day. Just got it, so can’t say much, but thus far really dig it for the price. I’m in the same boat…can’t really spend much, but wanting to go off-road a bit. Finding that jumping up onto a 26" is a bit different than the 20" I’m used to, but cruising speed is fun. Anyway, I’ll let you know if it falls apart in the first 10 miles or anything.