29x2.55 WTB Weirwolf tire experiences

I bought a 29er Weirwolf tire almost as soon as it was available. I put it on a 2007 KH 29er frame (photos HERE) and have ridden approximately 50 miles of relatively technical trail with it. With some hard miles and saddle time complete, I can make some coherent observations:

The tire is, unfortunately, paper-thin. Even the tread is quite low. Width-wise, it doesn’t approach the advertised 2.5" until inflated beyond 40psi. Also regrettably, the minimum inflation pressure is 35psi. I ran it below the minimum at 30psi for a while, but any less and it snakes around, tracking sluggishly and uncontrollably. The tire is quite prone to pinch flatting. Probably moreso with my lack of finesse, but it really seems just too easy to get it to snakebite - hit a pebble wrong, and you can expect to be changing the tube. I have to run it around 40psi to have any hope at all of getting down trails of moderate challenge without changing a tube at least once.

On the up side, the added air volume over the Kenda Klaw is noticeable, and even at 40psi, the Weirwolf feels a bit softer. The tread is reasonably grippy, but not especially so. The thinness makes the tire extremely light (obviously the main design goal), which is a boon for some riders - but not me.

Bottom line:
This tire is not a breakthrough improvement for the 29er. It may offer a little benefit over current 2.3" offerings, but is nowhere near the ideal thickness or overall durability I feel is necessary for muni on my local trails.

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Thanks for the review. I sounds like the WeirWolf is little better than the ExiWolf from what you say. Due to greater volume, it’s an improvement over the stock Kenda Klaw, but not enough to replace the big fat 3.0 tire available for the smaller wheeled machines.

The up side - now I may be able to justify getting the KH24 I’ve always wanted.:smiley:

I was considering getting one, but now I’m not sure if it would be worth it; I would have to get a new rim, as mine isn’t wide enough (the CR-18 by Sun I think). Does anyone here know how much clearance a Yuni frame has vs the KH29? I still may get one.

That was a helpful review, thanks.

Thanks for the review. I am going to be getting a Weirwolf for my Beast 29er soon (my friend Walt @ waltworks.com is getting me one). I like the Exiwolf, especially with the KH rim, but being relatively heavy (210lbs) I could use a bit more cushion. I have to ride the Exiwolf at 40 psig or above or I get snake bites, so I’m used to the extra pressure. I’ll post if/when I get a chance to try the Weirwolf.

P.S. My 29er expert (see Walt above) says there is a thicker downhill style tire comming out, but he’s not sure when.

Is he talking months or over a year?

Dunno, I’ll ask him for an update when he’s back in town.