29's and octagons

So yesterday I was going to one of the local riding spots with a friend, and the trail has gotten pretty easy for me on my 24". So I brought my 29" with 5in cranks. Not exactly an ideal off road cycle, but the trail was mostly rolling cross country with a few steeper downs. It actually rolled over roots and rocks on the trails, and I was able too ride up all the hills on it too. on the plus side aswell, less wasted than ever for an offroad ride. I was truely suprised how well it worked, given how short a cranks it has. I also didnt even have to drink any water while on the trail.

About the Octagons, I machined the cone spacers for my profile cranks into octagonal one of a kinds. this was because in cone form it was rubbing on the outside of the bearing holders, pictures to follow.

And the person I was riding with got one of the down’s for his first time ever, using his brake. He was really happy about that.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. I love my 29er for the easy rolling trails around here. Even roots and rocks can ridden over if I keep my speed up. I run 125mm cranks on mine. I’m not sure what that is in inches. I also use a v-brake, which makes the downhills easy.

The only downside I’ve found to the 29er is that it’s not very bouncy for hopping around on. But I don’t hop much on it. I’m running a very narrow 700c road bike rim.

Max, have you guys figured out the courses for NAUCC yet. I was thinking about using the 29er for the cross-country race and maybe to downhill, if it’s not too technical. Where you going to find a big enough hill to race down?? The ski place???

cheers… Mojoe

you 29er lovers out there sould invest in the 700c Rhyno lite.its fatness is awesome.

Yeah I know I should get a Rhyno Lite, but I was building it on the cheap, to see if I would like it. I “borrowed” the rim and spokes I’m using from the front of my track bike. The track bike has Suzue Pro Max high flange hubs, so the spoke length worked out right. Too bad the don’t make a Pro Max(Disco) hub for unicycles. Really a cool looking hub set.

Mojoe…(bike messenger wannabe)


my Rhyno lite 700c came to $36.99 at my LBS.gotta love that price!

I’ve got a 700c with 125mm cranks hitch shares the same frame as my Muni, it doesn’t get much use partly cos my muni is so much fun, and also because I don’t feel that comfortable on it(could be cos I don’t ride it enough!).
As I understand it a 29-er is the same as mine but with a bigger tyre?
The biggest tyre I could get was a 45mm; I’m wondering just how much better the 29 tyre is, cos if it’s going to be a big difference I may be motivated to find out how I can get one in the uk.
It’d be great if any of you who have ridden with both the big tyre and a normal one could comment on the difference.

It’s a really noticeable difference, the 45mm tyres people are riding on are really nowhere near as good as a decent 29er tyre. They’re just not designed for riding on proper offroad terrain.

I got a 29er tyre posted from “Blazing Saddles” bike shop, which is up north somewhere, I think Hebden Bridge and somewhere else round that way.

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ sells them mail order (irc notos 29"x2.1"), or any bike shop that gets IRC tyres or has Gary Fisher 29er bikes should be able to get you one.


cheers for that Joe, I don’t suppose you know if the tyre will fit in a nimbus 28" frame (the round topped not the flat)?
Do you use 125 or 150 cranks on the 29-er?

Re: 29’s and octagons

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>It’d be great if any of you who have ridden with both the big tyre and a
>normal one could comment on the difference.

I am now riding with a 35 mm tyre in my Nimbus II 28" (700c rim) and a
Schwalbe Big Apple 2.35" (60 mm) is on order with my LBS. Will post
about it after some experience.

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Yeah the Rhynolite rocks. 125 is about 5.

Doesn’t quite fit in a nimbus 28" frame I think. I think Leo White got a new frame for his 29er for that reason.

125 cranks all the way, with 150 cranks there wasn’t much speed difference between the 29er and my 26x2.6 muni.


It fitted but with NO mud clearance.

I’ve switched from 125’s to 140’s (137.5!) for offroad. I can spin 140’s nearly as fast as 125s and much faster than 150’s.

Leo White