29in Unicycle

I’m a beginner looking for a larger size uni (26in or larger) for commuting.

But since i don’t have any decent unicycles (i only own a junky 20in) i’m open to buying anything if you have for sale, any diameter, road or muni, preferably <$500.



Magura brakes from Brycer should land you well below the 500 limit for a new unicycle.

I just bought a 29" Trainer from Unicycle.com and love it. For the price you cant go wrong.


You could even get a Drak with a disc for 500$ if you wanted to.

thanks for the info guys. i purchased a 29in new nimbus w/road tire from unicycle.com. I love it! :smiley:

as a beginner, i’m not good enough to use a brake yet, but it’s good to know the frame can handle one if i ever want to add it.