29er with Nanoraptor, what psi?

Yuni 29er just arrived. (Tee Hee)

What air pressure is reccommended?

I’ll ride 90% road with the occational cross country.

Are we talking 20 psi or 40 psi or 70 psi?

The Nanoraptor seems pretty forgiving, think it just depends on your preferences and riding style/conditions. Sidewall says 35 - 65 psi, i tend to run mine around 40 - 45. Enjoy!


When I had the NanoRaptor on Blue Shift I ran it between 50 and 60 psig. I did almost all pavement riding.

Thanks Chuck. Unicyclists sometimes bend the rules.

I don’t yet have a pump with a guage that works on this kind of valve. So I’ll go firm enough to take most of the bulge out of the sidewall but not rock hard. (should be about 43)

Re: 29er with Nanoraptor, what psi?

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)Yuni 29er just arrived. (Tee Hee)
)What air pressure is reccommended?
)I’ll ride 90% road with the occational cross country.
)Are we talking 20 psi or 40 psi or 70 psi?

I run mine with 70-80psi on roads, about 40 off-road. Below 40 I pinch flat

Yea, i understand about bending the rules…when i first started riding the Coker about 4 years ago, the tire seemed awful soft at the 30 psi rating on the sidewall…i cranked it up to about 50! Since then i guess i’ve gotten used to softer tires…playing around with the Gaz at 15-20 psi kind of re-wrote the old rules for me.

What rim does your 29’er have? I had Uni.com build me a 29’er on a Sem Deluxe frame…its got the narrow little Sun rim, and it does tend to fold the tire a little if i do anything extreme at the lower pressures…think you’ll be happy with the 29’er though, mine is turning out to be my favorite all-around uni.