29er with a crowned fork

Hey guys,
I’m thinking of getting a 29" and i just wanted to know if you get one (or any commuter) with a crowned fork to make it easier to ride with one foot or if I’d have to get it specially built.

a flat crown does make it easier to ride one footed than a round crown, yes.
but why would you want to ride one footed on a 29er?

If I ride to school then i still want to be able to do some sort of trick so people will stil be like “oh wow that’s awesome!”. I mean cornered crowned frame aswell so i can just rest my foot on it.

check UDC australia. There is a KH 29"

Re: 29er with a crowned fork

Nimbus II 29" has a crowned fork. Schlump 29" too but it’s very
expensive and the crown sits very high.