29er wheelbag?

Does anybody know of a wheel bag that’ll fit a 29er wheel (preferably room to spare)?

I’m looking for a way of carrying my 29er uni on public transport without it machine into things, and without it looking too obviously like a means of transport - otherwise somebody might try to turn me away! (particularly on the london underground, I suspect).


get a big black trash bag. easy to carry and hides the wheel well.

yeah geta trash bag… only solution i can think of

I have a Samsonite bag that is crazy hug that I used to keep my lacrosse equipment in (including my midfield stick). I bet if you were to get a huge duffle bag like that, you could fit the whole Uni in there. I could easily fit my 24" MUni in my bag.

If you can, find those huge shopping bags they have for big discount sales and use them. That’s what i use to carry my coker around in. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mark,

I used to take my 29er on the underground all the time, and never once got challenged. These days I tend to ride everywhere instead of taking the tube, but occasionally have to take it with me along with huge bag in the middle of the rush hour, and still with no problems.

I also take it on National Express regularly and have only been questioned about it once. It’s only been on a few bus rides, but, again, no problems.

If anything, I think that it is much easier to carry if you can wheel it along anyway. If it’s in a bag, then you will have to hold the whole weight of it all the time.

How long are you going to be in London for? Fancy a ride out some day?


For travelling long distances on public transport, without it looking like a unicycle, there is one bag you can buy that fits a unicycle and a ton of gear, the North Face extra large Base Camp duffle.


I took it on a plane to New Zealand recently, no problems, no questions asked. It has backpack style straps so you can carry it, although I wouldn’t want to walk more than a couple of miles with them on. I did quite extensive duffle bag research before getting this one, which was the only one I could find that fitted the 29er.

Almost all other bags and suitcases would just about fit a 24, but no way a 29er. They just don’t come that wide or stretch that wide. There are loads of tall ones that’ll fit golf clubs, hockey sticks etc. but they just don’t come wide enough. The downside of this type of bag is that even in this massive bag you have to dismantle it, take the pedals and frame off. It has a big advantage of not saying bike anything and not looking like a bike bag.

I’ve also got a large canvas sack with a rope tie, that I got from army surplus. This fits the 29er with pedals & tyre on, and you can take off the seatpost and bung the seat in it, with your helmet + pads, and it’s not at all a unicycle.

Alternatively, if you’re only doing it a few times, a big rubble bag from a diy store might just do the job, and be a lot more durable than a black bin bag.

I’ve been turned off the tube once, with a coker, and I know at least one person got turned off national express with a 24" muni. Generally with the tube though, if you bung it over your shoulder and go through the normal gates not the big luggage gates with a person on them, you can get away with even a coker. The worst ones for turning you off are virgin trains, I’ve been on them once without a bag, and it was just luck that I didn’t get turned off until where I was going, and even with a bag I had hassle when I carried it on before taking the seat off.

One thing to think about, if you’re not carrying tons of other stuff is that in London, distances are usually pretty small, even from the border of zone 6 to the other side is about 20 miles at most, any tube journey is almost always rideable. In the rush hour, riding a unicycle is probably quicker for most journeys than any alternative except a bike.


I’ve taken all my unicycles (20, 24, 29, Coker) on the tube at some point. Never been challenged apart from one time with a 24" Muni (and Antoine with his trials, so it was probably his fault :wink: ).

Like Joe said, just walk through the gate like you’re supposed to be there and very few people will bother to stop you. If they do stop you point out that it’s not a bike, and ask (nicely) for the rule that specifically prohibits unicycles.

Needless to say DON’T ride anywhere in the station or you’ll probably get arrested :astonished: or at very least shouted at over the tannoy, but that’s another story…


I picked up a canvas type material bag at the flea market and it holds my 29 perfect, for flying I just remove the pedals and check it in

I dont live at sao paulo, but everytime I had to go to the subway train there with my uni I had no problems. About a month ago I had my ticket already, was about to get in the station and a guy came claming that a couldnt get in with my qu-ax trials. He sad I`d have to put a plastic bag on the wheel. just wrap a piece of plastic with tape on the wheel. stupid huh?

well, I just walked to the next station and got in my train. no problem at all.

i was together this day…
but the subway man should be stressed… it never happened with me…
and im always in public transports with my uni

Therre will be instructions for making a wheel bag (for a Coker) in the next issue of Uni. You could easily modify the design for a 29er and to allow for keeping the frame and seat on.

I’ve only ever had problems on coaches (national express occasionally but particularly megabus), and even then they always let me on after a bit of an argument. The tube seems very unicycle-friendly, I’ve even travelled with two, from Charing Cross, in the rush-hour, and only got annoyed looks from other passengers, nothing from the staff.

If you want to put it in a bag anyway you could take the wheel off and put the rest in a normal rucksack. That way it isn’t too annoying to carry.