29er wheel/cranks/whole muni

Unicyclists of America!

After a little over a week of nonstop unicycling and muni riding, I have bent the square taper crank on my 29er. It is ridable but feels a little funny. For now I am just going to replace the crank and keep doing what I’m doing but if anyone has a 29 wheel they are looking to sell please get a hold of me. In addition if anyone has a whole 29 muni they want to sell I’m hoping to spend around $200. I just bought a new seat so you can keep yours.


So turns out I didn’t bend the crank but twisted the axle. I’m pretty desperate to get back out on the trails but I can’t at the moment justify spending $200 on a new wheel set. The unicycle is no longer ridable. If anyone has an Isis hub/cranks I may try and rebuild the wheel with the existing rim.

what frame do you have? ISIS hubs generally fit a 42mm bearing, where square tapered fit a 40mm. If you have pressed bearing holders, it will work, but will be very snug as it has to bend around the slightly larger bearing. Do you have a picture of the wheel? Your rim may be good, but re-using spokes is a bit iffy if they are old. A shop will generally outright refuse to build it, but unicycle wheels are easy enough to build using the frame as long as they aren’t dished.

What unicycle did this come off of? (A picture is worth a thousand words) If it was a no name unicycle chances are it had a junk hub approximately as tough as mozzarella cheese.

A better square taper hub may get you going again, if you just want to get going for a while without spending a bunch of money. Honestly square taper isn’t bad, you only really need splines if you’re jumping off mountains and stuff.
This hub is only $30 and is about the best bang for your buck.


Ok I went with another square taper. Hopefully the existing spokes are the correct length but with a change in the width of the flanges that may not be the case. Still on the lookout for a used 29er… Thanks for the help y’all.


I rebuilt the wheel and we (the uni and I) are out tearing it up on the streets again. It was a bit of a process. The wider flanges on the UDC required me to dent the frame with a punch for the wheel to spin freely. I figure this uni should probably be a road warrior from now on, although I am itching to get back on the trails. Thanks for all the help. After two weeks of putzing around on a 24 it feels so good to be on the 29 again.
IMG 1: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Az8-fgTuJPkFKs4RLe7bYBOYYLubaJ2T0l3UXF6edd9KlWaWJUM4zc1B1oNblB18b1ypm6154TnjFG-W2A96WMIkyH-zhXFtZV1FI1r3LxMIYrZy6XAQ9z5ve1xdDbUOYmND5tsjVRKCjXXgUtQleIPWzSAo6yKUnh5uY-BpWc4zIZ0Rv0OT6LYMRUM2jPFonbKzLApSgV0ATUCMxEZerxCTOSkQGX-tkz13KE6gufrphsDs5w3NtBnGF0Xxw-qEjq60WmSfTYfFEP2VQo0wE5K5br6--FnQH7WIaPk-qldmDBAo4x26K9lkclymBYHUuZvtvrfpQeXUtRZwO7Ma-RNJvVcvCKQZ7HF2817gpf6AX2ehAJqxtCse_snLO2WKmQ_A4gUOfc2jHIQ-q3YJ_bKIuGfag9lPXoTxwk32bH9htTN9bHZHtv4QIPwbYlQz0tHkgvrEmY56ANKCUOChSB10SeGKtHspzHXMq8mJ-rgqqysqPwIiA2ONXlOW7XUsFjMlOS56JKxcaamp6mNlk6YPhcy_AeqhzijPGAhy2ZQ9XQ0P0HLKKiJeL3hpDr5bPnSV2IMd6hOgxWbgPHB95uxHSsLqDF7wU6y5Kjda221nkNz9=w422-h562-no
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