29er vs 36er

I have been kicking around the idea of getting a 29 or 36 and I almost had it made up on a 29 for the simple reason of i could do a little more off the road fun but i have a 24dx that i ride muni and trials with now.So i think i want touring uni for the open road and riding to work (6or7miles round trip). i like the coker big one or i have almost ordred the nimbus 29 a couple of times already but I dont want to buy one and wish i had the other instead after riding it afew weeks. i have only been riding for about 7 months now and would like some help ! THANKS !!

this is one of the oldest recuring threads on this forum, using the search function will no doubt provide many threads full of answers for you

If you get the 29 you will probably only want the 36 more, so get the 36. And then if you find you specifically want a Muni/Distance hybrid (which, to an extent, the 36 is also), then you can get a 29.

Ya I have been looking. Thanks ! how is everyone liking the big one? its a large investment and im just trying to spend my money wisely.

There is only one correct answer to end this continually ongoing debate.

You MUST buy one of each. There is no other way.

I ride Cokers on trails now. It’s fun! My 29er doesn’t get out much at all. I have my 24" hardcore MUni for the hard trails, Coker for the easy trails, and 29 for in-between trails (I guess). But the 29er stays home. Get the Coker now, and decide later if you still need a 29.

If only i had the money i would buy one of everything ! I find it funny how my friends want to try my uni only to fall off a couple times and give up. And then you get that one ( which i was ) that once you try it your hooked for life. I love it and dont see ever stoping.

I have both 29" and 36"

The 29" is vesitile for both off road, muni, commuting.

Its just the right size for downtown traffic, simple freemounting, not too big to idle.
Believe me, ask the coker riders how many can idle them :wink:

Now you said you have a 24" for off road and muni. Since this is the case I’d say go for a 36". Be prepared for a learning curve on freemounting and other stuff.

The 36 is faster but between my 29 and 36 I can go more places and do more things with my 29". But for you since you have a 24, i’d say go right to a 36".

I think your right. If I want to ride in town i will probably want to do more than cruise around. i think a 29 is strong and im not very good yet but my torker 24 is a beter bet in town. Does the square taper hub\cranks long lasting on a 36. I mean will they last for 1000’s of miles if taken care of or do you have to replace hubs every few years. If i buy a coker i plan on keeping for a very long time and id plan on road riding it almost 100% of the time

I rarely idle in crowded places; there are too many cars, bicyclists, and people who aren’t expecting me to move backwards. I usually just do little hops and still stand.

sxbud, I’m usually an advocate for 29ers because I love mine for the hilly and mountainous terrain that surrounds me. But based on the flatness of Michigan, I say definitely get the 36er first. The square taper hub should last a very long time, assuming you’re not planning to do huge drops on it. :wink: