29er Video

So today I made this video…I hope you enjoy…I did film alot with my helmet cam but it turned out really jerky so didnt put it in…Oh well next time.

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nicely done! some good stuff in there…its like watching Terry on his 36’er…about the same ratio:p

good job issac

What brand is that 29er?

oneisenough - Thanks…Yes simialr to Terry

joe2005 - Bedford 29"

How hard is it to WW the bigger wheel?

Oh and good video :sunglasses:

Haha, speed trials!
Very nice video, and the headcam sounds neat, for just some smooth flat riding. Now I really wanna see how that turns out.

I don’t find it much harder than on a 20/19".

Are they 125 cranks?

Joe2005 - Thank you…Uh its a bit harder imo but not much…

Beaver1 - Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue: My next vid will have that cam…because I will know not to move my head so muc:p

Jamessd - Yeah not too much harder, yes they are 125mm…

I find it pretty hard to balance etc with my pedals at 125, so I think you did well (or maybe I need more practice :p)

Perhaps i’ll switch em over to the other hole (150 I think) and try some stuff, it looks fun.

Thanks…well I dont know? Probably the shorter the harder…so if you have 125mm you should just practice…but…yeah…Thanks again.

More comments are appreciated. :slight_smile:


cool video that hop to the high box was impressive

Thank you…It just makes a 19" make sidehops feel easy. :slight_smile:

Haha nice! Unigeezer Junior!:smiley:

Whoa, thats a hell of a lot more than I could ever do on it. You remind of Terry as well with the big wheel trials and flat. Is the wheel still true?

Unigeezer - Haha thanks…yup but I guess unitoddler, haha…Thanks Terry:)

lpounds - Haha thanks Levi, Im really enjoying the uni…Yup the wheel is fine, pefect true…I dont do any bigger drops than those in the vid…And I dont do them often I think that was the first time…But yeah thanks again.

Great riding, and video, really enjoyed watching!